Monday, 10 November 2014

Learning About Finland: Losing Your Wallet

Have you ever lost your wallet?  Well, Finland is probably the best country to lose it in.
Helsinki is listed as the "World's Most Honest City" during a dropped wallet test.

Here's some things you need to consider if your wallet is truly lost (or stolen) and immediate action should take place if you cannot find it.

  1. Cancel your bank cards and credit cards or at least drop the limits for spending to 0€ if you think you'll find your wallet fairly soon.
    1. It costs 10€ per card to get them replaced.
    2. Check online (if you didn't stick your internet banking codes in that same wallet) if anyone's used your bank card and if there's any money un-accounted for.
    3. Once they're filed as lost - you are no longer responsible for any money spent on those cards (or attempted).  If you don't file your cards as lost until later - and money has been spent without your knowledge or approval - you're more than likely still responsible.
    4. You can do this individually by calling your banks or online or dialing 020333.  This is 1 number and you can list all bank cards, credit cards and other important information that was in the wallet.
  2. File a police report.  
  3. Re-order the following (if they were in your wallet):
    1. Residence Permit - I never carry this because it's not a valid piece of identification anyway.  Unless I have to present it to the
    2. ID card or drivers license
    3. Kela card
    4. Passport (also reach out to your embassy if this was included wit your things gone missing)
    5. Bus card - if you know the card number (printed on the back of the bus card or on the receipts from the last time you re-loaded it) - the bus station can cancel your card so it cannot be used by someone else.  Then it can be confiscated if used by someone else and hopefully if that's the case, you can get it back.  If not - then you'll have to order a new one.
      1. Based on JKL Linkki bus system.
    6. City or university library card(s)
    7. Insurance or travel insurance cards
    8. Membership cards (i.e. gym)
Those are the most major items I can think of...oh I bet you're wondering where this came up and why I would blog about it eh?

Yep, 2 weeks ago (as of this Friday) I took my child to day-care and normally A-Man is cool with the bus.  But no.  He decided that Friday he had to go "bizzy".  Which apparently meant bicycle.
So we did that and between the day-care and home (a straight line) - I managed to lose my wallet.  I don't remember leaving the daycare with it but I know it went inside with me.
We've checked the flat up and down and inside-out - no wallet. 

So I went to the police station (fat load of help that did) and because it was a Friday afternoon and I squeezed in the door 5-minutes before closing time and because there was a complete jerk at the other end of the counter hawking up a hair ball or the biggest bucket of phlegm ever...and he was also screaming at the police officer...
I quickly asked her if anyone has dropped off an orange wallet - nope. 
"But my Finnish ID is in there - do I cancel it or what do I do?" -me desperate and caked in sweat as I ran from the bus stop downtown.
"If we find it - we'll call you."

Clearly she had Friday night plans that started as soon as the office was closed to the public...she didn't ask my name or offer to file a report.
Thanks a lot.

Anyways, I'll be going back today in the hopes that it's possibly there and they were terrified of the bulkiness of my wallet (lots of membership cards and crap in there) to take a peek inside...

Lesson learned?
Don't listen to the toddler.  Had I not been "bizzy" (bicycling) - I wouldn't have lost my wallet.


This was originally started on Halloween 2014 - when I lost my wallet.
Guess what??  I got it back.  I'll do a separate post soon!

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