Monday, 7 September 2015

A Side of Autism: New Eatery

I'm really not kidding when I say that "fine dining" with the V-Man is Chinese food take-out at home (as delivery options are mighty slim in our city), McDonald's or Hesburger.
Or if we're super lucky - a pizza buffet.
Point being - fast and immediate eating options preferred.

Last week I took V-Man on a "Mommy and me" lunch date and tried Subway.  I more or less got a foot-long of whatever I normally get (Subway Melt - hold the onions and tomatoes) and hoped for the best.
By "hope for the best", I hope for the following things:
  • He sits still.
  • He eats the sub.
  • He doesn't throw it on the floor.
  • He doesn't hate it.
  • He doesn't run away repeatedly with sub in hand and making a mess all over the place.
  • He doesn't smack his head out of impatience for having to wait in line for food.
  • *Update (forgot to write this earlier): TEXTURE.  The toasted hot bun, the melted runny cheese, the cold meat and veggies, the crisp, the chewy - all of it - could be extremely overwhelming for someone on the spectrum or with a sensitive mouth!
  • He doesn't scream.
V-Man handled the short line up (3 people ahead of us - short for me, long for him) and we sat down to eat and I think the hardest thing for him was to be able to hold the sub.  Remember - he's only 5 - so his hands aren't fully grown yet :D.

He sniffed it.  A Subway Melt with honey mustard and pepper on a honey and oat bread.

I'm glad to say this was a huge success and we've been back since and he ate every bite (of his half and then some of mine and the chips and then another rice cake and a granola bar while waiting for the bus after a quick twenty minutes grocery shopping trip).
Although the second time, he got a mouthful of jalapeno pepper and wasn't too pleased.  I held my breath and he waited for me to empty out those peppers and then he continued to chow down.

It's the little things and while there are some people who insist on staring at V-Man as he hops about and flaps his hands about making odd sounds - we still manage to have a nice time together.
So despite the scandal that Subway is facing regarding Subway Jared - I'm happy to have found a new place to eat that doesn't involve piles of grease and me feeling oh so guilty afterward. 

PS Me bitching and complaining about the stares and whispers we get in public when spreading good ol' fashioned autism awareness is for another time. :)
But if you do see someone who is acting a bit odd and out of sorts (and they don't reek of booze), I recommend asking their caregiver what's going on or even better - if you can help.


  1. Hey fantastic! Tops does not want to eat anything but the bread, therefore have not tried anything more. Perhaps I should... Sounds like you've nailed it! BTW, Red wine is still waiting for when things calm down enough for us to come for a little visit. Let me know.

    1. Yes I was thinking the same thing - all those different textures must be exciting and exhausting for an autistic person but he took it like a champ!
      Oh sounds good! :D