Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Good-Bye 2015

2015 is nearly coming to an end and I have finally sorted out what my resolutions will be for next year!

First of all, let's quickly review last year's resolutions:
  1. Don't buy yarn for a whole year.  I allowed myself to buy yarn for someone else as a gift for them to use (which I didn't at all!) and I allowed myself to use a gift card that I had received last Christmas as a gift (that and it had a 6-months expiry date).  I even poked at the yarn devil side of me and went to the yarn store multiple times (often leaving completely empty handed) 
  2. Try a new recipe a week.  I was so sick and tired of predictable meals for each day of the week and for repeatedly having the same meal multiple times during the week for the sake of convenience, making everyone eat something and due to our busy schedules.
  3. Here's a list of more - turns out I did make a post!
Now, 2016's resolutions are as follows for myself:
  1. Only buy yarn for the project I have planned.  I'll try to reduce splurging at sales and when travelling!  Hubster requested I don't make up for 12 months of no yarn-shopping in a span of a couple of days. ;)
    1. Only crochet/knit one project at a time.  I'm allowing myself to only start a new project once a previous one has been complete.  I'm going to try and clean up my WIP's (work in progresses) and make more items instead of just hoard a ton of yarn.
  2. Try a new recipe a week.  It's fun, it gets the kids involved, different tastes and flavours, spices up our palate - oh and I will be blogging about it by posting links of recipes (and any changes made to our versions) up top in the Recipe Links! tab.
  3. Clean more.  Especially now that I'll be a student full time - yeah.  Need to jump on the clean and organize wagon!
  4. Be a nicer, more patient/calm parent.  Easier said than done.  I have no problem admitting I have a temper and I am the Momster from Hell sometimes (sometimes too often!).
  5. Lose some weight.  I don't own a scale and average from 130 pounds to 147 pounds (58-67 kg).  I'd like to see the lower end of the numbers - not necessarily 130 lbs but I have found myself out of breath lately, lacking energy, not fitting into clothing and I simply cannot afford and cannot justify buying new clothes because I'm getting continuously bigger in the belly/hips area - and no, it's not pregnancy.
So those are my goals along with the basics of overall, trying to be a nice person, help someone else when I can - even simple gestures like holding open a door for a stranger, maintaining my blog and videos regularly and so on!

I hope you have a fantastic new year and a wonderful holiday season!

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