Friday, 1 July 2016

NY Resolution Recipe #16: SUSHI PIZZA!

Okay, so I have been making sushi for myself (because nobody else wants it in my household) about once a week.
Traditionally after spinning - because I'm usually STARVING afterward.

Today I had spinning and did not make sushi - sigh.

But last week - I made sushi pizza!

"Pray tell, what is sushi pizza?!" you're probably wondering.

Well, once upon a time - back in Canada - I have heard of such a legendary food and it's just that. Pizza made with sushi-related ingredients.
It was expensive at the restaurants - and I have no idea why I never made my own sushi at home...but better late than never! :)

I was giddy with excitement and had to do it - so here's my version:

What you need:

  • 1 Cup of sushi rice - cooked and cooled sushi rice (season it with your rice vinegar/sushi vinegar and sugar!)
    • I don't use actual sushi rice.  I use "porridge rice" as it's just as sticky and works just as well!
    • I also use my Tupperware Microwave Rice cooker to do the job - works like a charm and never burns on me! :)  
    • 1 cup of rice + 1½ cups of water then 10 minutes on high in the microwave works for me.
  • Roasted seaweed sheets
  • Seafood of your choice - I used shrimp, cold smoked salmon and crab sticks
  • Ripe avocado - you can slice it as I did in my photos - or you could mash it and slap it everywhere.
  • Wasabi and Japanese soya sauce on the side to dip
  • Roasted sesame seeds
  • Panko crumbs
  • Spicy mayo:  mayonnaise + sriracha sauce mixed well
What to do:
  1. Take your cooled rice and spraying a pan lightly with cooking spray, pat the rice down and fill it as thick as you want it.  Some people prefer a thinner "crust" - some prefer thicker.  You could probably make 2 pizzas out of the rice - but I made a massive one.
  2. Cook until golden brown evenly on both sides if you like it crunchy!  I don't like crunchy rice - so I lightly fried it - continuously shifting it and flattening it and once it was golden brown here and there - I slid it onto a plate.
  3. Decorate it however way you want to.
I ripped the seaweed into strips and put that down first, sliced my avocado and squirted lemon juice on it while I cut prepped the other items.
I fiddled with it until it looked even all around and pretty for me to take photos!
It was extremely filling for 1 person! I ate half and ate the second half the next morning!

For my first attempt - I'm pleased!
Definitely something I will make again and share with a friend! :)

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