Tuesday, 5 May 2015

A Side of Autism: Appointment & Orange Boogers

Today I took the day off because V-Man had an ear specialist appointment that is necessary prior to him getting ear tubes again.
Of course he fought a lot and I had mentioned that about a month ago, I had to take V-Man to the hospital due to a possible broken nose - courtesy of A-Man and Mr. Hulk.
The swelling had never gone down completely - so the doctor could tell right away that V-Man wasn't breathing through his nose properly and tried looking up his nostrils.
The left one was clear but the right one, where most of the hit had taken place - was blocked.

"We're going to need to take a biopsy - there's a mass in there."

Well punch me in the friggin' guts - CANCER.  I'm internally freaking out and trying to remain calm and responded with, "What?"

She wanted another doctor's opinion and after a few minutes, doctor lady #2 came in and they found some long handled skinny enough tweezers to get up in there and the first grab was a bit of blood and tissue.

The second grab proved to be much more successful.
Apparently in Finland there's a saying, when you're annoyed you shove peas up your nose.
This is not a pea.

It was obvious that neither doctor or the nurse present knew what this was.
At first - because we saw the blackened side first - I thought it was a piece of Chinese sausage.
Then I screamed, "CARROT?!" once it was flipped over and I saw orange.
And he definitely has an infection up in there but it should clear up now that some rabbit food has been removed.
I tried REALLY hard to not laugh and keep a straight face - but the looks on THEIR faces was purely entertaining as I don't think they've ever pulled a chunk of carrot out of a kid's nose before.

My 5-year old had a chunk of a carrot about the size of a 2€ coin shoved up his right nostril for about a month.

Considering he's never, EVER put stuff up his nose before (other than a finger and that's fairly recent) - I was shocked.
They looked over it some more and I took my phone away from V-Man and apologized to the doctor but told her, "I need a photo of this.  My husband would never believe me....and this is SO going on Facebook and Instagram..."
So yeah!  Orange boogers.

They looked at me and asked if I could smell how rotten it was - and I said nope.  Thank you flu for SOMETHING!

So we decided that we'll wait for the appointment time in the mail - about getting the tubes surgery again and they said it would be best to take advantage of his sedation and take a look into his nose because "there could be more that we can't see right now".

Good grief - he probably has the makes of a salad poking up there!

PS I just called SH and told him and that a photo was on the way and he laughed and said, "We'll have to apologize to A-Man now for thinking he broke his brother's nose!"

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