Thursday, 14 May 2015

RE: Finland

Hey everyone!

Just to let you know that I have been working on this blog steadily for the past few days - whether you noticed it or not - and have started to remove things or copied things over to another separate blog about things in Finland!

I have previously blogged about life in Finland and after that's disappeared, decided after nearly a year to try again and after having lived here almost six years - am starting from scratch! :)
So anything directly related to Finland - whether it's restaurant reviews or information about what to do in Finland if you lost your wallet - as an example - will be in this brand spanking new blog called, "From Finland, With ♥".

The choice to move it over and keep things a bit separate is because I felt this blog was too overflowing if I started from scratch (i.e. Hesburger vs McDonald's, how to grocery shop in Finland etc.) and I want this blog, BIMU, to be focused on kids, life with an autistic child, food and crafts (whenever I get to it!).

So I welcome you with open arms and assure you to not be confused if some posts over there are identical to the ones you may have seen here! :)
I've also deleted some posts here and dropped them over to FFW♥ to help give the blog some things for readers to look over! :)

I'm also going under the moniker "Mrs. Canuck ♥" in the FFW ♥ blog and just so you know, a Canuck is another term for someone from Canada. :)

I haven't decided yet about creating a separate Instagram or Twitter account for that blog - I need to get through my end of the year exams first and then perhaps over the summer I'll start it up! :)

Have a great weekend!

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