Sunday, 21 June 2015

A Side Of Autism: Can He Have Some Boobs With That??

Yes you read the title correctly and no, we didn't take the V-Man to a strip club.
Today is officially day 2 of summer vacation (this was written on the 20th of June) and I did a lot of shouting. The weather looked promising and we tried to go on a family hike with the dogs and nope. V-Man was not having it. He wanted to go on the bus.
Today is Mid Summer in bus on this holiday!
We tried letting him pick the route but after thirty minutes (or was it only 15?) - I gave up and told him we are taking Loki and A-Man home. He seemed thrilled until we walked past the bus stop.
Some more screaming - from him- which would've been fine by me if he wasn't accompanying those screams with threats to bite us and break our fingers...oh and slapping his right side of his head so hard he now has a large purple bruise there.

Anyway the rest of the day the kids were squirrely and we didn't know what to do. It rained on and off and now it's pouring out and there was some thunder (they're asleep so I guess it's moot now) - but we survived the day.
I assure you there was a lot of shouting today.

One of V-Man's interests/super annoying things he does - is rub boobs.  Specifically - nipples!
Mine, yours, male or female- big or small- it doesn't matter.
Teacher, stranger, parents, friends - pretty much any adult will do!
And I get it- he has gets a reaction out of people and the more they dislike it (aka me) the more of a challenge it becomes.  How fun!
Also, with male boobs-they typically don't wear bras and that means instant cause and effect -if you know what I mean.
Women who wear padded bras are just a bump in the road or a challenge to him.  Again - how fun!

And if I haven't said it already-this boob rushing annoys the dear f*ck out of me.
And if you're wondering if he was breastfed long enough, I assure you - he's never had formula (except possibly at the hospital after birth) and he was nursed until he was 14 months old.

This boob rubbing/grabbing phase comes and goes and as of about a week ago-it's back-full on.
I just really hope it doesn't stick around - or else this could be incredibly awkward!!
(And I totally hear jail time...)

I recall taking him to the beach when he was about three-years old with little A-Man and V-Man ran away from me to go sit in some young guy's lap and caress his nipples.
I was of course, mortified, alone (SH was abroad at a conference) and stuck in the sand with our stroller.
The guy took it well until V-Man was really rubbing that poor guy's chest and trying to sneak some beer from his can.

I'm just at a loss of what to do to stop this behaviour. I can shout and slap his hand away until the cows come home...I can wear a thick coat (done this before) all summer or until this phase ends...or let him do it. And I'd rather not. Because while I'm comfortable with my body's shape and I know my son doesn't mean his personal masseuse sessions as sexual - someone might, later on down the road.
So it'd be nice to nip it in the bosom (ha ha ha)...and move on to the next confusing/inappropriate/mind blowing phase that he has stored up for us...
And yes - he's sniffs bums sometimes.

Ciao for now!

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