Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Hi I'm Alive!

Hey everyone!
Super sorry for the ridiculously long delay in writing here!  I've had Finnish tests up the ying-yang and finally today was the last day.
So I'm back to blogging every chance I get and am looking forward to summer vacation!

What have I been up to?  Well, I've been dabbling in soap making (I got some awesome books that cover the subject and of course the internet is a huge help! - separate post about that coming up), testing out new and easier (=less time consuming) recipes, keeping the kids alive and been obsessed with Lee Child's Jack Reacher novels!  I can finally read them again!
I promised myself to only read when on the toilet (don't give me that look - it's way better than counting tiles!) and focus on my studies for the past couple of weeks.

So now I'm free like a bird and I'm happy that I can finally get a groove on with some baby shower gifts that are due in a couple weeks, can focus on my kids some more (dogs too) and just chill until it all starts up again at the end of July.
Well - I still have classes until mid June but I think it's safe to say - everyone is slacking off now.

In regards to the kiddos - all 3 sleep in their OWN BEDS and in the SAME room.  Yes - shouting/capitalizing those bad boy words was necessary.
It took 2 nights and they settled in.  We got rid of the single upper bunk (with pull out table and built in shelf and ladder) because I scored a double beds set, where the bottom one can be pushed in and hidden away when not in use!  And they're for adult sizes - so here's hoping I never have to buy my kids beds again!  Muwahahaha.

Scored this double beds set second hand for 20€!
The plan was that when Ikea opened up here and accepted large deliveries from the bigger Ikeas across Finland - we were hoping to buy a proper bunk bed set for the kids and keep that white one (left side) for V-Man.
But then that beautiful bed set popped up on my newsfeed via Facebook, and I called SH at work and told him we're getting it and I saved us over 150€.

So it's pretty much taken SH and I nearly 6 years to get a bed back to our selves and we still don't really have the bed to ourselves because the dogs usually love to sleep with us and are loving having a sofa available (where V-man used to sleep) for themselves as well.  Yup - the dogs are spoiled.

The first night went horribly.  Took the kids forever to calm down (mostly A-Man is the trouble maker at bed time probably because he's so full of energy!) and V-Man woke up a couple times.  But after that - it's been a dream.
Just being able to watch television at a volume where we don't need subtitles to follow along (like when V-Man was on the sofa) was a huge change and *gasp!* having the blinds open at night (it's summer time in Finland!) or having the light actually on in the living room...or talking to each other - WOWZERS.

Having the kids in their own room has changed our lives! :D

Then again, it can have some downsides like this morning for example.
A-Man woke up at 5:30 this morning screaming in Finnish, "MENEE POIS!" repeatedly.  Menee pois means to "get off" or "go away".  (Google Translate says "Going out".)
We went to see what was causing all the screaming and yelling from the boys, which of course woke up M-Girl and V-Man crawled over to A-Man's bed and sat on his face.
I know the pain all too well and felt bad for A-Man.  Once everyone calmed down - V-Man went back to sleep and the other two stayed up reading and playing together.

With that said - before I bore you to death with a never ending blog post...I'll cut this off here and I'll be back soon! :)

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