Sunday, 26 July 2015

BIMU Reviews: Exfoliating Socks

This blog post contains disgusting photos of my cracked and peeling feet.
It's a non-affiliated blog review of exfoliating socks on horribly cracked and dry feet.

I had seen something on People Magazine's website about these exfoliating socks for about 25$ from Amazon. I am usually not one to watch beauty product reviews but this screamed at me because if they do work - my feet could use them!
I didn't get mine from Amazon but ended up forgetting about them and then happened to come across them (similar) in the grocery store's beauty section!

They were 22€ or so and seeing as pedicures are so much more here - I figured it was well worth it.
That and the last time I had a pedicure was while pregnant with V-Man and it was a going away gift from my work colleagues! I also haven't bothered looking around here because my feet are so horribly and deeply cracked like an ancient mummy!  It's embarrassing and the poor lady would probably have to get a professional sanding machine to attack my dry feet!

I waited awhile before I actually got to try them because I needed to figure out when I was going to put them on!
They're to be worn for 90 minutes solid and your feet should peel within 2-3 days and up to 15 days.
I stuffed my feet into the plastic booties, taped them down (they did smell strongly of alcohol) and watched a movie.
I rinsed my feet after and my skin was super soft. I was tempted to scrub the thick layers with a foot file but decided against it.

They didn't peel until 6 days afterward and as they continued to peel - I was ecstatic!
It was working!
Some things you should know about using these (that may or may not be listed in the instructions - I wouldn't know because it wasn't written in English):

  • Yes your feet will peel like cray-cray (extremely crazy is what I'm guessing this means and not like a cray fish) - so keep wearing socks and you probably don't want to wear sandals.
  • You can and SHOULD moisturize - they'll STILL peel! (Wish I knew this a bit earlier on but anyway.)
  • Your feet are going to be sensitive because of the thicker excess dried layers are gone/in the process of shedding. 
    • You might not be able to handle as hot or cold temperatures in the tub/shower as what you're used to.
    • Stepping on crumbs was very painful for me - never mind Lego pieces or toy cars!
  • It's worth it! :D
I may have deleted those photos of my feet in the booties - as I can't find them anymore - but it's pretty simple to use and here are some pics I happened to find on my phone of the 6-days later results!

Peeling like a snake!

Tops of my feet too!
I noticed that one part of my feet that didn't peel all the way were my heels.  The layers of dry and cracked skin must be too thick even for the exfoliating socks!

Overall?  I'd do it again and probably have to anyway.  I've been wearing sandals and the skin is toughening up again.
Now that I know that I can moisturize afterward - I will and I think it'll make a difference too!

Happy feet to you,

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