Sunday, 26 July 2015

BIMU Reviews: A Pinterest Win!: No Churn Ice-Cream

I've been on the eat-healthy wagon lately.
I've even been on the be more active wagon lately too thanks to a nearby neighbour and her adorable puppy.
I am pretty sure I lost weight because clothes are fitting better but I can't even confirm the figures for you because I never remember to buy batteries for my scale.

Then I frigging discovered No Churn Ice-Cream on Pinterest.
I wasn't really into Pinterest until recently and now it's part of MY bed time ritual!

Now when it comes to Pinterest projects - especially food ones - I try to keep an open mind and hope to heck they work.
I had an ice-cream machine and never used it.  Bought it for 10€ and ended up selling it off on Facebook to a friend.
I like love the idea of home-made ice-cream and this was simple enough:
  • Heavy whipping cream
  • Sweetened condensed milk
  • Chocolate syrup or vanilla extract or whatever you want it to taste like
Mix cream alone until stiff peaks appear, add condensed milk and flavouring - freeze it.

So I made it yesterday.

38% fat whipping cream is the heaviest I could find in Finland.  

I just made vanilla flavour to try and because we had guests coming over - so I had some freshly baked cookies to go with this.

  • I don't need an ice-cream making machine = saves space.
  • I don't need to freeze a bowl in advance like most machines require you to do.
  • I just need my stand mixer and a dish to put the ice-cream in. = saves money because I have these things already.
  • I don't have to add sugar or eggs or cook it = saves time and I get to choose what goes into my ice-cream = I don't feel too bad about letting my kids have some as a treat!
  • It's fricking delicious!
  • It takes longer than 4 hours to freeze in my freezer - but maybe that's just mine.  Or because I packed so much into my loaf baking dish.
  • I splattered cream all over my wall because the mixer was on high at first - that's not really a con - that's my fault.  So tip for you - start slow and once it thickens - then you can put the speed up a bit more.
I blog in my undies and I approve of that Pinterest recipe! :D

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