Tuesday, 7 October 2014

"He's potty-trained!...oh crap."

The past two weeks have been awesome here I must say.
A-Man has been interested in watching me use the bathroom and when day-care started again, and they have regular potty-using-times...he quickly became a champ.  But he continued to soak a diaper during nap times and most nights.
Then about three weeks ago, he decided he wasn't wearing a diaper at day-care.  So they lent him little underpants and he stayed dry the whole day and immediately sat on the potty when we got home.
The first night, I was terrified - truly never been more fearful of a toddler because of what he was wearing under his pants!  So we put a pull-up diaper on top of his underpants, had a protective sheet on the bed and he was dry.
He woke up by 6:30am and pottied.
After that, we trusted him enough and for two and a half weeks solid, he had three accidents of the #2 variety and it wasn't in the bed.
The bed is fairly new - hence my stress about extra bodily fluids/matter getting on the bed.
So we continued to cheer him on, every time he peed or poo-d and we decided to not offer any sort of materialistic reward (i.e. candies, money, stickers etc.) for using the potty because in reality - when he's 5, 10, 25, 50-years old...nobody's going to give him those things for taking a leak or having a dump.
Sorry to be quite blunt - but it's true.
Of course, every parent does what they want for raising their kids - and for us, it's just a matter of him enjoying huge amounts of praise and attention, high-fives and big hugs and kisses...he loves it and knows that he did something really well.
Why spoil those moments? 
So his potty is set outside the bathroom door, because our bathroom is pretty small and having a potty in there would be pretty much impossible...and after he's done doing his business, one of us hands him some toilet paper to wipe himself, empties his potty (just the pot itself comes out), flushes all that and washes his hands.
It's a routine and it works.

So two nights ago - he peed in the bed.  In my dream, I couldn't figure out why I smelled poop, and worried my dog was ill and had diarrhea.
Nope - I woke up and it was pee...and our bed was soaked.  Thanks to the sheet underneath (the water-proof stuff with an absorbent layer on top) the mattress was dry.
Last night, not so lucky.  The second piece of leak-proof fabric we have, had scrunched up under the bed sheet - so the mattress is a bit wet.
*Momster is growing...

I know accidents happen - I get it.  But he was doing awesome for the past three weeks and then two days in a row - he peed. He's almost 3 and is getting more comfortable with pooping in the potty (at first he was so grossed out, he'd hide to poop) and with using grown up toilets in other people's homes.

The first night, I figure maybe we let him sleep in too late (it is getting pretty dark in Finland!) and his body kept going despite him being super asleep.
So the second morning I woke him up by 7 and did a good morning, "Let's go potty bud!" cheer.
Too late.

Tonight, we suggested he wear a diaper and we were so sure he would throw a fit and protest.  But I think he realized that something's going on - so he should wear a diaper.  He tossed his undies and is rocking a diaper and I can hopefully sleep a solid 5-6 hours tonight without having to wake up sniffing for pee.
With that - I bid you good night.

PS Just finished season 1 of Breaking Bad and onto season 2....INSANE!

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