Saturday, 11 October 2014

The Birthday Gift That Involved The Police

Yesterday I decided to bring A-Man with me to go birthday gift shopping for a party we're attending today.
The theme was "woodland animals".  I was stuck and had never met the child while he was awake for very long (he's turning 1) and not in a long time because they were abroad for awhile.
I figured I'd get some fabric and make a blanket and get a book.  Well, I didn't like anything in the fabric shop - so A-Man and I kept trucking.
Then I figured at least a book would be nice and if I have time to whip up something - I'll try!

While shopping for books (and discovering this fantastic one about intarsia - I'm a total newbie at knitting with multiple colours), A-Man disappeared.
I occasionally called his name out and he would come to me to check in, but when he didn't do that, I got concerned.
I paid for my stuff upstairs, circled both floors three times and even checked the elevator.
No A-Man.

"HE'S GONE!!!" - My frantic text to the spouse...
(No response).

Then running back upstairs, realized the front doors are automatic.
I ran out and looked around and thought quickly where he would go by himself, that he knows.
A) Hesburger -across from me
B) McDonalds -opposite direction
C) Mestarin Herkku - a grocery store beneath Sokos -also across from me
D) The bus stop - down the hill

What direction am I supposed to f*cking go?!

Then I see the police!!
Hmm, ask them for help in finding my kid and perhaps have them think I'm a crappy mother OR - keep looking for him on my own...OR suck it up and ask them for help anyway?

Then I see him.  I see his little dark grey hat covered in colourful bugs, his beige puffy vest and his tear-streaked face...and all the panic I have whooshes  out of me.

He's sitting on the police officer's lap in the paddy-wagon that I'm staring down.
I rub my eyes and squint again and the police van is slowly cruising by because it's a pedestrian-only street and I run over to the van and wave to the passenger-side police officer.
He looks over at me and clearly my 2-year old recognizes me and starts bouncing wildly in the guys' lap.
They open the door and A-Man is screaming, "Ă„ITI!!!" (Mom in Finnish) and clinging to my neck...I'm crying and thanking the police officer and as they drive away, my 2-year old decides he must shove me aside and wave good-bye to his friends.
Yep - and scream, "HEI HEI!" (bye-bye) to his new BFFs.
Repeatedly...for a solid 10 seconds...

And of course everyone is already curious why this expat-lookin' lady ran up to a police van and how she could (obviously) possibly lose her child...
So once they saw A-Man, snot-running, tears drying toddler wave and scream good-bye to the police...there were lots of smiles and chuckles.

"Got him!" - my text to the spouse.
(No response.)

How far did he get?!
No idea - I forgot to ask.  It was about 15-20 minutes of his being lost - I was just happy he was back in my arms.
And I'm also glad he didn't take anything from the book store on the way out or pee on the officer's lap.

We went straight home from there and my face is all puffy from crying and embarrassment and when we walk in the door, SH looks at me and I asked him, "Did you get my messages?"
I'd like to think I used my calm as death voice...the scarier than screaming voice...
" why?  What happened?" - he goes to find was in a coat pocket, in the closet with the door shut.
"What do you mean he went missing?"

After a repeat of what happened, he tries to not laugh.  Then he says (semi) proudly,
"Never thought he'd be in a cop car this young, huh?"


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