Thursday, 30 October 2014

Life with Kids: Pee & Bread Crumbs

So, as you read about A-Man's screaming and peeing adventures in my last post, be happy to know I have more for you to read about.
And of course it involves A-Man and pee (and bread crumbs!).

Last night, I took him knitting with me and we had a good time!  I got a lot of knitting done (anything more than a round/row is considered a lot for me!), got to chat with friends and just relax.
The weirdest thing of the night was that A-Man didn't use the bathroom twice.  The first time - for some reason - his pants were on backwards and because they're sweat pants with a drawstring, those strings were hanging in the back.
And because he doesn't quite grasp the whole stand and pee thing - neither do I plan to teach him (I'll let SH do that when they're ready) - the drawstrings fell in the toilet without my knowledge.
So he's doing his business and I can smell pee.  When he hops off the toilet that's when I saw the drawstrings soaked in pee.  Great.
But it could've been worse!  The good thing out of this was that he was wearing splash pants, so I removed his sweat pants, tossed them in my backpack outer pocket and put his splash pants back on and that was that.
Before we left, I asked him repeatedly if he needed to use the bathroom.

"No.  Ei.  Noooooooooo!" was the response I was given.
Fine.  We went to the grocery store to pick up a couple bits and pieces and went home.
We were 10 seconds from our door outside and he peed himself.
Filled his lined rubber boots with puddles.  Yay.

We got upstairs, got cleaned up, went to bed and all was well.

Until 3:30 this morning.  Oh yes.  My lovely dog woke me up by scratching himself so hard while on the floor, that he was kicking our bed frame and shaking me like wild.
Oh and then A-Man soaked the bed and the protective sheet I have under the regular bed sheet had shifted.
So again, my poor brand new mattress smells like pee.
I'm not happy.

Then to top it off - he started to protest wearing a diaper.  And by "protest" it starts with a bit of "no" then turns very quickly into screaming and screeching his head off and waking everyone up.
I stripped the bed and whispered/screamed how angry I was.

By this point, I'm so exhausted that I'm wide awake.  So I got the kids buns because that's the most I can handle - at 3:45 in the morning - and suddenly my bed is caked in bed crumbs.  Really.

I used to think crumbs in the bed was THE worst thing to litter a bed and never ate in bed...except when I was hiding away from the kids with ice-cream...
Then I discovered toddlers wetting the bed...which is 2nd to dogs or kids barfing in bed.

V-Man decides he's a champ.  He wants nothing more than to jump on the bed and watch his favourite music on my phone.
I say sure- because it wasn't HIS fault he was woken up from a nice deep slumber.  So I let him have my phone with the volume on low and by 5:30am - I was outside with the dogs.  SH wasn't pleased but it really wasn't his fault he got woken up and not his fault he can't fall back asleep.
He stayed up until it was time to go to day-care and as the taxi was pulling up our drive-way - then decides that he'd like to go back home and sleep.
Tough cookies on that one.

Thankfully, A-Man and M-Girl managed to get another 2 hours nap in before the morning really started and I managed a light 15-20 minutes myself.
I was perky and excited for the boys to go to day-care, the dogs had already gone out, I had my bowl of Greek yoghurt with granola cereal and honey...and just wanted to squeeze in an episode of Glee (season 4 - no spoilers please!) before crashing.

I must've looked like death because the day-care staff asked if I was okay...oh boy.

Anyways, I did just that.  I took A-Man to day-care, power-walked home, had a bit more breakfast, watched the first episode, did some laundry and dishes and plunked myself into bed with M-Girl and we were out for a solid 3-hours. 

So one massive tantrum downtown after day-care today and I'm done.
Completely with a Finnish little old lady telling me what to do and to not cover his mouth as he screams the roof off that the whole bus stop commuters can hear (it's a block long-ish) and trying to shame me because he's not wearing mittens (his choice and he constantly rips them off otherwise) and even when he threw his hat at her (which is a kinder version of what I wanted to do by this point) - she still kept nagging.

Oh and he doesn't eat dinner at all.  He prefers the likes of crackers and yoghurt - anything really that ISN'T I'm going to be buying this book soon.  I already have Adam Mansbach's other book "Go the F*ck to Sleep!"

Alright, I'm out for the night - hopefully a deep and boring/quiet one.

PS Turns out my neighbour's child also wet the bed last night (her protective sheet is better than mine) and when she told her child about A-Man doing the same, the child thought this was hilarious.
We don't.

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