Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Life With Kids: When Does It End?!

So you haven't heard from me in over a week! a couple weeks!
I'm sorry - I really am.  But guess what?

I'm coming down with a cold.  Why? (It's almost done...)

Remember my last post I went on and on about how awesome V-Man was for the dentist?
Yes well it turned out he was sick.  Go figure.  That night he had a wicked fever and it lasted a solid 8 days.
We went to the hospital twice and SH took him to the doctor once for tests and antibiotics. 
A-Man had the fever prior to this dentist appointment then V-Man got it and then he got a throat infection and then it turns out his tubes in his ears are gone and he got an ear infection immediately.
M-Girl also has an ear infection...seriously.

Now I'm the one with a touch of a sore throat, a leaky and semi-stuffed up nose...and a bit of a cough.
I'm fighting it though!  I don't have much of a choice as I'm doing my "työharjoittelu" (work practice) here in Central Finland.
I got the same place as last year when I was pregnant with M-Girl (can you believe she's now a certified 1 year old?!) but had to leave early due to her wanting to come out 1.5 months early.
She didn't make an appearance until she was supposed to...but I was ordered to go on bed rest for the remainder of December 2013 and then my maternity leave started right after that.

And of course no matter where you go - there's coughing kids....everywhere. :)
So there's a short little post for you...


Last night the SH went to Helsinki for his monthly (mandatory) meetings and I was home with all three kids and both dogs.  I thankfully finished a bit early yesterday and rushed home, took the dogs out for a good length walk then picked up the V-Man and we went to get his siblings and then I was stumped.

1)  Do I go home and we watch movies non-stop and play games?
2)  Do I go crazy and hope A-Man doesn't wet himself (or at least asks for the bathroom) and take them all out for pizza and some shopping?

Oh right - so my phone also kept dying on me (it was an iPhone 3GS kindly donated to me by my awesome neighbour) - so I've figured it really bit the dust and wanted to look at the prices on other iPhones.

I took my kids to a few different stores and they didn't complain whatsoever!
It was an awesome evening and by the time we got home - all three passed out easily. :D

Time to start writing a newer blog post I suppose! :)

PS A Finnish friend of mine has two boys and when I told her about everyone being sick she just told me it seems to be a common trend once you have 3 or more!

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