Saturday, 8 August 2015

I'm A Book Depository Affiliate!


Guess what I did awhile ago? And I'm just getting around to sharing it now...I mean over a month - maybe 2 months ago...?

I signed up with Book Depository to be an affiliate!
Yes that's my affiliate link above!


  1. I wanted to see if it was possible to bring any income via my blog without blowing it up with advertisements.
  2. I actually shop A LOT via Book Depository because English books here are really expensive! 
So this was an excellent oppourtunity for me to share my joy of Book Depository and encourage me to blog more!

  • I'll be writing book reviews (aiming for once a week/bi-weekly!) in this blog and sharing the link to the blog via my affiliate link.  I'll be sure to mark if it's an affiliate link or not.  Most likely it will be if it's to Book Depository!

  • Do I have to do anything extra?
    • Nope.  You just click on that link above (or any of my other affiliate links I may post) and shop as per normal!  None of your personal/banking information comes to me.  Zip - nada.  
    • There's a button on the side that'll link you to Book Depository via my affiliate link as well - in case you lose this blog post. :)
  • Do you really shop with Book Depository?
    • Yep!  It's an excellent way to get gifts to family and friends in Canada without having to spend SO MUCH extra on shipping!  So for our family and friends that do read or might like something else Book Depository has (i.e. stationary) - I just pop in their address, pay for it and off it goes! :)
      It's one of the first sites we learned about when moving here and found it invaluable because there is only one book store downtown, a few department stores have some books (usually not in English) and I might get lucky through second-hand stores - which I didn't know of any at the time we moved here.  Going on about 6 years now! :D
    • And they often have sales....I'm a sucker for sales.
  • What will you do with the commission you earn?
    • Honestly?  Buy more books.  I'm really big on books with the kids and while we do go to the library once a week together with the kids - sometimes it makes sense to buy the books you keep renewing and borrowing repeatedly! :)
      My other option is to buy more craft supplies so I can review the shop or product themselves.
    • I like to think of it as a tip cup.  If you like what you read on my blog and wanted to drop something in my tip cup - please shop on Book Depository using my affiliate link.  This way you're getting something you need or wanted and I get a wee percentage commission as a tip for writing here! :)
  • Who do I ask about Book Depository stuff?  (i.e delivery times, items available etc.)
I'm currently studying Finnish intensively and our current project is to read a basic Finnish novel - basic meaning it's down to the story.  There's not a lot of description (i.e "The trees blew as the storm raged...") and it's just the bare bones and basic language used.

So I decided to choose "Her Enemy" by Leena Lehtolainen a police/murder mystery style novel (affiliated link) in Finnish and decided to get the English copy as well! :D
Leena's English version is very descriptive and I'm really enjoying reading about the main character Maria Kallio.  This seems to be part of a series - and I'm not finished yet - but it is probably best you read them in order if at all possible.
This is book 2 in the series - there was only one copy of the first book in the library in Finnish and a classmate borrowed that one - so I opted for Her Enemy instead.
When I'm finished (hopefully soon as I am plowing through it!) - I'll post a review!

Take care and thanks for reading! :)

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