Monday, 5 October 2015

I'm On YouTube!

I'm totally throwing myself out there and putting some home-made videos from my phone whenever I have a quiet moment and made myself a YouTube account.

I've had a YouTube account before where I did craft tutorial videos and while some friends requested I start that up again - I've currently filmed and posted two videos that are closer related to autism.

In my first video - I shared some signs our first child was autistic.
Sorry it's so darn wobbly and don't ask me why it cut off at the end so suddenly - because I have no idea! I was using YouTube Capture app for the first time too.

In the second video - I talk about using PECS and why we use communication boards with A-Man as well.

I'll have a tab up top with each video and the link - I'm still working on how to get that video bar set up so you can watch it from this blog!
Thanks for your patience!

Update:  No guarantee it'll be just my videos in the video bar - every time I refreshed the blog - it showed me my videos and some others that might not be deemed appropriate!

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