Sunday, 25 October 2015


Sorry it's been awhile - you know how it is!
I'm finally done my Finnish language course and exams and am eagerly awaiting to find out if I got a cooking school position in the new year.

Some big changes have happened to my blog lately - well, more so my Facebook page and I'm still in shock.

I don't know if you heard - but Sesame Street is rolling out an autism awareness initiative program and I think it's a fantastic idea!
I've already seen the first music video, "The Amazing Song" - and I was so touched and amazed with it - I sobbed my eyes out.
It was AMAZING because I saw kids in that video that looked just like my V-Man.  Kids that screamed and cried, communicated not with their voice but with a tablet or that also smiled and were amazed by the simplest of things.
Poor Hubster didn't know what to do with my overflow of emotions (or why I was THAT ecstatic) - he just hid in the bathroom.
Then I filmed a video right away - while I could express exactly how I was feeling in that specific moment.  I had already filmed a video and honestly, couldn't even tell you what it was about - I was such a sobby-happy mess.  (I guess "sobby" isn't a word - but you know what I mean!)

So this video went viral I guess - of me blubbering and crying and thanking not only Sesame Street - but "Autism Daddy" for helping with their project too and I really didn't think Autism Daddy/Frank from Sesame Street - would ever see my video.
I was floored and beyond starstruck when I got a mention from his Facebook page, a few hundred new followers and he commented on my video personally - that yes, he did see it and was happy I liked it and that I made him cry too.
*Cue the water works* and my husband wondering if someone died.
Yep - that's me - a crying machine.

Anyway, I'm still in shock and I wanted to address all of this in a blog post (before I pick up my dog - Milo!).

A friend shared the Sesame Street autism awareness program on her Facebook and wished her daughters were still into SS.  I said I think it's worth getting them to watch it because it's an excellent way of educating neurotypical children about what autism is.
If my V-Man didn't have autism - I'd still watch the whole thing and get my kids to watch it too. Here's why:

  1. It shows what autism is in a positive manner.  That's not to say that autism is so incredibly awesome and everyday is perfect - but that autism isn't the WORST possible thing in the world.
  2. It shows what autism is in a safe environment.  There are some autistic children who react to meeting new people in a negative or violent/aggressive way - or heck - they're having a crap-ass day too.  So being able to show this to a child in an environment that's determined by you, the parent, makes it possible.
    1. This would also be awesome to watch in schools/day-cares.
  3. Maybe you don't know anyone with autistic kids to try and meet up and have a play-date with.  That's certainly true for where we live.  We know two - one is 13 with verbal capabilities and the other is 4 with semi-verbal capability.
    1. Maybe your child is recently diagnosed and currently you're lost and confused as to how best to help your child.
  4. It doesn't hurt to educate your child that there are children/people in the world different from them. Not everyone can speak, hear, see or walk on both legs.  
I was a wee bit embarrassed to post a sobbing video of myself - but I'm glad to report that the response has been positive and a lot of people felt the same way too.
And the best thing that came out of it - was being able to connect with SO many families in the same boat as me and having this new community to be part of - no matter where we live.

So thank you so much for making my week.  
I appreciate each and every one of you reaching out to me - it means the world to me! :)

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