Sunday, 22 November 2015

Quick Hello

I'll be the first to admit that the best thing about my husband travelling abroad for work is that I get to cook and eat whatever I want without having to worry about his Crohn's disease depicting our menu or his complaining and nagging (it's rare trust me) about the flat smelling like fish or garlic.

I am kindly reminded every time he goes away how tough it is to be a single parent.
I regularly write in my blog about how all the single parents in the world need a freaking high five multiplied by a million.
I also regularly feel like killing my husband during these times because something either in or out of his control occurs to f*ck up his travel plans (see video here - "My Husband Sucks At Travelling"), I'm usually sicker than a pack of dogs with a horrendous flu (so far so good *KNOCK ON WOOD*), one of the kids has to go to the hospital (again, *knock on wood*) or some other crazy stuff occurs.

Thankfully, there were some cancellations for overnight care so we lucked out and he has a spot there again tomorrow straight until Hubster gets back home.
And he just came home today from overnight care and I'm already debating on how long I can hide in the bathroom (door locked obviously) and devour some ice-cream.

I treated myself to a shower today (i.e. something longer than 2½ minutes) and my nostrils are burning from the stench of V-Man's perma-poo smell.
I've managed to jam A-Man's fingers in the storage locker (read: heavy metal cellar door) while closing it quickly, as I was running late to get the V-Man, and A-Man thought it would be wise to shove his fingers between the hinges.
His screams got Milo barking upstairs, M-Girl screaming - everyone screaming or howling in some fashion.  (Except me of course - that'd be so 4 years old.)

But I'm surviving and I'm being braver with asking for help from friends.  Because if I don't ask for help (stupid me for taking M-Girl and A-Man out of daycare thinking it'd be easier) - I get overwhelmed by the screaming, the crying, the fists flying and the self-abusing V-Man.
I can't count to 10 silently in my head and take a deep breath.  Wish I could but when it's the heat of the moment - I'm just not able to.
Kudos to those who can back away from a stressful, screaming situation and just pause and reflect.

Currently, I busted A-Man for jumping off the sofa and landing hard on his arse on a bag of yarn.
He thought it was funny - and he continuously thinks it's funny until he gets hurt of course.
He started crying and of course set M-Girl and V-Man had his hand up and ready to slap his face if A-Man didn't stop immediately.

Anyways, I'll be "Staying Alive" and trying not to freak as V-Man rubs my boobs (like I can't tell what he's trying to do or FEEL IT), kids drown themselves in movies for the night and wait for my friend to come over so I can walk the dogs for longer than 15 minutes.
I can't walk the dogs for long or at all with V-Man at home alone because he will seek and destroy things, open the door and so on.  The only way to keep him inside is by double-locking the doors from the outside or chaining it.
And with him and A-Man always fighting - better to have a friend over for supper instead - so much easier.

Your friendly neighbourhood part-time Momster and full-time "No" broken record,

PS Tonight is going to be a Ben & Jerry's night once they're all asleep.  Wish me luck.

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