Sunday, 15 November 2015

Things V-Man Does - That He Probably Shouldn't.

Here's a list off the top of  my head of things that the V-Man does (or did) that is generally not accepted by society for a neuro-typical child.

I'm okay with some of it honestly because he is very touch-sensitive with his lips and smelling things is quite important to him.
And oh right - he has that side-kick autism to give him a hand.
  • Shoving things up his nose - actually no, I'm not too okay with this one - as it caused swelling in his nose and we accused A-Man of breaking it with the Hulk toy.
    • His recent attempt was a piece of gum he chewed.  Caught that one though - before it entered Nostril - The Black Hole.
    • Now - our fingers or his - whichever goes!
  • Jump.  He jumps a lot - he's starting to find other things to do - but jumping for him is an expression of his own happiness.  Who am I to say no to that?  Unless it's going to hurt him or endanger someone else of course...
  • Eat with his hands - hello sensory overload.  Hello life skills!  Cave men started out that way and I'm cool with the V-Man touching his food so he feels comfortable enough to eat it.
    • Sniff his food.
    • Touch food to his lips but doesn't eat it for a few minutes.
  • Put his pizza toppings down on a table (we aim for a plate) and then eats it.  Why?  No idea why he does it but guess what?  A table can be wiped - so I've learned to get over it.
  • Kick his shoes off when eating in public - maybe his feet are too hot.  Maybe he wants more toe wiggling space.  Maybe he wants to be comfortable eating and wearing shoes weighs him down.  I have no idea - but he doesn't fight when it comes to putting them back on - so that's cool.
    • But now he undresses - at least his snow suit when eating at Subway...
  • Wipe his hands on his head - no idea why he does this.  Maybe he just doesn't get what napkins are for.
  • Grope tatas/boobs/breasts - we're trying to get him to quit this one as it's highly annoying to me and probably quite offensive to others.
  • Rummaging through strangers' bags - another one we're trying to work on.  And it truly freaks people out whenever this happens - especially if it's a Finnish person because they're quite reserved and private...and there's my 6-year old checking what groceries they bought.
    • He did this to a young man of maybe 18 and he was mega awkward and just walked backwards a bit...which of course the V-Man took as a "I'mma gonna stalk you challenge"....then the bus came and the guy ran away.
  • Strip.  Without fail - every birthday involves at least one of my children stripping.  Don't ask me why - as I have no frickin' clue.  But typically it's when the V-Man wants to wear pajamas - he'll strip.  Or when he needs a diaper change.
    • Yes - we've played the "find his dirty diaper" game before.  Yuck is correct.
  • Stealing food.  By "stealing" - I mean taking food from other people's plates at parties, overloading his own tummy at parties or just flat out taking food he didn't ask for.  How in the world he's not ill on the regular - I don't know.
  • Not nap.  Trust me - I'd love it if he still napped but he stopped around 3 years old and shows no interest in napping at day-care/school or overnight care and definitely not at home.  This leads to an earlier bed time and a more solid night of sleep!
I'm sure I'm missing a lot of things but again, off the top of my head and for the sake of getting this blog post out there - these are some things!

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