Sunday, 3 January 2016

New Year Resolution Recipe #2: Moose Burgers

Again, copied from a blog I'm co-writing with a friend - should you wish to follow that blog.

I am on a roll with new recipes!  Today's Sunday which is for me, the beginning of a new week although most people in Finland consider the beginning of a week to start on a Monday.

Anyways, last week - I made moose burgers!

This was one of the larger delicious.

I bought minced moose meat frozen and took it out to thaw the morning of.
I started my bread machine to help me make the hamburger buns for me too.  Recipe can be found here.
I mixed 2 eggs (because I used a kilo of meat as we had guests over), various spices and the meat and formed them into patties.  I thought I had bread crumbs but apparently not - they still held their shape. I only flipped them once the meat was half-way cooked so they wouldn't crumble on me.
Fried in a pre-oiled pan (cooked the bacon first - bacon fat is lovely for everything!)  and also had the buns baked before I made the patties and served them with condiments like pickles, lettuce, ketchup, mustard and bacon.
I also had made hand-cut potato wedges which were simple enough.  I rinsed potatoes, sliced them as evenly as possible, tossed them in olive oil with salt and pepper and baked them at 225*C in my oven for 45 minutes while stirring them every 10-15 minutes.

Moose meat - is nice and light tasting to me - not super greasy and doesn't give me cramps or digestive issues like beef or pork can sometimes or that "heavy gut" feeling.
It didn't taste very "game-y" either - I suspect, as a friend suggested - that it was cooked properly because over-cooking can lead to very game-y flavoured meat.  Of course some meat just has that taste but I found this moose didn't!
Neither did the roast I did in the previous post!

Until next time! :)

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