Sunday, 10 January 2016

New Year's Resolution Recipe #3: Chocolate Avocado Pudding (Crap in a glass)

I tried 3 new recipes today as a spur of the moment but I'll try to spread them out (in case I don't make new things in the next couple of weeks! :) ).

Today I'm going to talk about a failure.

I had made egg-drop soup today and it was okay - there was something missing and I think now, I realize it was some sort of red Chinese vinegar that I normally ate with it and it should've been a tad thicker.  I'm letting it sit overnight with the hopes it thickens on its own some more.
But that wasn't the failure.  that was the could've been better.

I felt like dessert and I was trying to avoid devouring cookies and chips and whatever else - oh yes, chocolates from Christmas - as I'm actually trying to lose my chub buddy.

So I went on Pinterest.  I wanted something:

  • Quick
  • Quiet to make
  • Healthy 
  • But yes, also some sort of dessert-classified thing.

I came across this: Chocolate Avocado Pudding on Pinterest.
Perfect!! I actually had some leftover avocados I wanted to use up and they were still ripe and lovely.
I didn't use a blender because I didn't want to wake the kids up so I just used my hand mixer and it didn't do it for me in the end.  It was a bit chunky - despite me mashing it a bit more with a spatula and mixing it again with a mixer.

I tried drowning it in honey and extra coconut/almond milk and a bit more powder to make it darker and I was gagging as I scooped it down and into my throat as fast as I could.
Of course because it contained avocado I couldn't feed it to my dogs.  Nor would my Hubster even look at t his...and the kids were asleep - so I couldn't trick them into thinking/eating this chocolate pudding...
(A-Man would call my bluff anyway.)

If I were to do this again I would:
  • Use chocolate milk instead of a nut milk to liquidize it.  (Chocolate oat drink or something chocolate-y and vegan - dairy milk's been making me sick lately - even lactose-free!)
  • Whipped cream on top - it honestly looks like crap in a glass.
  • Add peanut butter or Nutella for more flavour.
Not all recipes will be winners and that's okay.
I think also, I'm so used to avocados as a savoury item like in guacamole, in sushi or a salad or on a pizza or with cheesy garlic bread (it was some sort of vegetarian recipe I found years ago) - that the concept of it going into something sweet baffled my brain.

If I try it again - I'll let you know when I'm despserate enough.

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  1. Been reading your blog for some time but commenting fit the first time. When I was young my god mom used to hand me a treat: half and avo sprinkled with sugar. I'd spoon each creamy-crunchy bite straight from the skin and gobble up every single delicious mouthful. No need to mask it with chocolate!

    1. Hi C&B! Thanks so much! :)

      Yeah I prefer it as a guacamole or straight up with a spoon :D
      Or sushi - mmmm sushi! :)