Thursday, 17 November 2016

A Side of Autism: Lack of Decor

The holidays are quickly approaching and you would never know looking in our household.

Every year since V-Man was 2, I have drawn a tree on the glass window of the balcony door or balcony window with snowflakes, an angel and lights etc.

Why? I honestly cannot be bothered to go buy a real tree and have to deal with the possibility of allergies (I don't think I have any - but I don't want to find out 20€+ later), watering it, needles everywhere and the inevitable - kids yanking it down and breaking ornaments or lights in their mouths etc.
As for plastic or fake trees - they're lovely and all - but can still be knocked down repeatedly.

It's hard to get into the spirit of the holidays I suppose - but I rely on the fresh snow outside and my sanity being rather calm and happy because I don't have to keep an extra set of ears/eyes/hands on the kids while I try to do anything and everything.
(Not saying the Hubster doesn't help - he totally does!!  I just mean if he happens to be in the bathroom or out with the dogs - then it's a temporary solo parenting job.)

That and I'm sure my neighbourhood appreciates me not yelling my head off every thirty seconds - if we did have a proper any kind of fake/real tree/decorations for the kids to tear down repeatedly.

However, this year - there's a new shop downtown (the same place where I got his YES and NO buttons) and they have some cute tree alternatives.
There is a little glass Christmas tree that I am thinking of getting and putting out ONLY on Christmas Day morning for present opening.

Of course we have stockings for the kiddos and that's that.
We will probably have our friends over for Christmas dinner again, as we have had in the past - and that's always super fun!  We all end up with super sore tummies from eating so much but that's the joy of the holidays for me.

We do try and catch up with family and friends back in Canada - but of course, Skype usually crashes those days because everyone is trying to reach back home.

As for the kids:

V-Man doesn't get Christmas - as far as we can tell.  He doesn't care about the Santa walking around the grocery store or at the Christmas markets (because he refuses to go to those) and I'm not sure if we will wrap presents this year or just put them in individual big boxes (or reusable shopping bags) for the kids to haul out.

I kind of feel bad wasting wrapping paper and tape...although, I do love wrapping gifts! HA!

A-Man remembers Christmas.  He talked about it for around a week after last year's and this year he has already asked about it!!

M-Girl kind of tags along with whatever A-Man says and whether or not she "gets it" - we shall find out.  She mimics him a lot and repeats things he says as well.  So it's kind of difficult to tell if she has her own true and real opinions yet or if they're just copied off of a particular big brother.

I guess the biggest adjustment for the holiday season is no day-care.  We could put the kids in one but then we would have to do a lot of running about and it's nice to have the kids home and try to remember to NOT nap the whole break (I mean me).

I guess the point of this lengthy post is:

  • Don't sweat the small or big stuff.  Trust me - two years ago,  the Hubster went and broke the bathroom sink (massive chunk out of it) 5 minutes before our guests walked into the door.  6 adults and 5 kids...and no usable bathroom sink....and of course my kitchen sink was overflowing with pots and pans!
  • It can always be worse.  It's my go-to philosophy.  Kids are hyped up on sugar?  Kids won't sleep because of Santa coming?  It's okay - they make wine for a reason.
  • Sleep when you can.  I get you - trust me.  My kids have been waking up for the past few MONTHS between 4:30-6am (including summer holidays).  
  • It's almost over.  I love the holiday season as much as the next person - and while I look forward to it - I also look forward to it being over too!
The main thing is that everyone has a safe and happy (as possible) holiday season.

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