Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Kids Are Funny Part 1: Body Parts

So I have a 7, 5 and almost 3 year old and I'm not ashamed to say that my 5-year old A-Man and his sister/partner in crime and side-kick nearly 3-year old M-Girl - know their body parts.

I mean more than head, shoulders, knees and toes.

While potty-training the M-Girl, she noticed immediately that her brother has different body parts than her.

I immediately told her that her brother has a penis and she has a vagina.

There shouldn't be any shame or taboo about body parts (in my opinion) and for the past month and a half - they've been going to the bathroom or shower and saying, "I'm M-Girl and I have a CHINA!"
And naturally, A-Man's response is "I have a PEE-MISS!"

I see nothing wrong with teaching the kids their body parts and what (on the outside) is the most easily distinguished difference between boys and girls at that age.

I recall baby-sitting a little boy who was about 2½ at the time and while pushing him on the swing, he advised me that he and his daddy have penises and his mommy has a vagina.
It wasn't about being crude or disgusting or anything - he was simply stating a fact.

I was impressed and confirmed that he is correct.
It was a little brazen with him shouting it - but still, he's right!

However, the parent and child swinging beside us was not impressed I guess because they left.

I'm thinking of this years later because the PIC told me, "Great - now the kids are going to point out the other kids' genitals and tell their teachers they have 'Chinas'".
I shot him a death stare.

I feel, there's nothing wrong with calling and acknowledging your body parts by their proper names.
As long as you're not being mean about it and making fun of someone else's body parts - then what is the harm in saying, "I'm a girl and I have a vagina" or "I'm a boy and I have a penis!" ?

I don't know about you - but I would much rather have my children say (and hear!) their body parts appropriately than the wider range (and far more inappropriate) terms.
I would be more likely to cringe hearing a kid using curse words and filthy terms in replacement of a simple "vagina" or "penis"...

And M-Girl is quite proud of herself when her older brother teased her and told her she has a "pee-miss" - she dropped her pants in front of him, pointed and screamed at him:


And this is why kids are funny.

PS: M-Girl is now interested in bones - we've covered the skull, spine, knee caps, fingers and pelvis so far...

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