Sunday, 15 January 2017

My Running Diaries

I'm the first to tell you, that a week or two ago - never mind even longer! - I would never dream that running could be fun.

This is coming from a nearly 31-year old woman - a mother of 3 - that originally defined running as:

"When I'm late - I run for the bus.  When I'm chasing kids in the grocery store and outside on our way to the bus - I'm running then.  That's it."

I decided that running on a treadmill at the gym was flipping boring.
And I would run by a window and people watch and there's only so many times I can watch a bus go by, cars and people - just boring.

So I decided today after a trip to the cottage with friends, that I would start running.

And I'm not doing it solo.

I have not one but two dogs...Milo is still a bit immature when it comes to running and likes to go at break-neck speeds - especially while trying to drag me in front of cars that he deems as driving too fast...

Loki is 9 and an excellent running partner.

People are always amazed that I live near woods and good running trails and have two dogs and don't run.

Well, time to change that.

And Loki and I aren't doing it solo.

That's right.  I dragged a kid with me.
Today, January 15th, 2017 - I ended up running/walking with both V and A-Man.
A-Man was tired and hadn't napped but played a good sport and did more walking than running.
V-Man absolutely loved it and kept up.

He's not wearing a safety harness anymore - so it was a real eye-opening experience running with the V-Man.

Here's what I learned during our first run - that consisted of 30 minutes:

  1. V-Man absolutely loves running.
  2. He has grown a lot in the past two years, where I've tried to go jogging (before M-Girl was born) with him and Loki before and it was a Hellish nightmare.  
    1. V-Man would stop randomly and trip me, wouldn't run unless he had a stick or rock in his hands...not enjoy whatever route I took etc.  In other words, running was a real pain in the neck.
  3. He understands a lot more than I thought when it came to safety.
    1. A car was turning in and cutting us off and I simply had to tell him to "Wait - stop.  Car coming" and he immediately stopped running and turned to face me while we waited for the car to turn in.
  4. I trust him more.  Maybe because he's 7 and I'm treating him like one (exception of potty-training - which he's still refusing)  but it's made a difference.
It was a really positive and energetic experience I have to say - and I'm looking forward to doing it solo (so I can listen to music and clear my head and go faster) and also with just Loki and V-Man because he could really keep up for a 7-year old child and there was very minimal fuss when it came time to coming home.

As for Loki?

He was pretty confused about me running.  Pretty sad when the dog realizes something is up because I usually don't run at all when with the dogs, unless I have plans and need to bring the dogs home faster.
But he's currently curled up on the sofa with the A-Man dozing off.

My goal with this running business is to just go running every day - minimum 30 minutes total and increase it every week if possible.
It'll be especially useful when going to the gym isn't possible.

I felt super energetic afterward (still do!) and like my head is quite clear even though I was rushing with the boys to make sure they stuck nearby.

Until next time!

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