Friday, 16 January 2015

A Side of Autism: Seat Belts

I have a digibox - the thing in Finland that ensures you get cable and you can update the channel packages you want accordingly.
I just don't have it set up.
I truly think that my life is something like a reality tv show and if TLC is interested - they're more than welcome to visit and film my family in Finland.

A couple days ago this is what happened:

I woke up and didn't have breakfast.  I ran out with the dogs for about 20 minutes and brought them back in, packed up my stuff into a backpack and dragged the V-Man downstairs for his taxi.
He sat down and I buckled him in and then he immediately freaked out.  He absolutely refused to wear a seat belt or stay seated in the taxi.
You've got to be kidding me! I thought to myself - seeing as the A-Man's been ill for nearly a week and it was supposed to be my first day back to school.
Well, I ended up running back upstairs, getting my stuff and rushing to take M-Girl to day-care AND V-Man by bus after that.
He was fantastic waiting for the bus and waiting for me to un-dress his sister and toss her into her day-care group.
He wasn't so thrilled when we got downtown and had to wait 3 minutes for the next bus to take him to day-care.  Nope - he wasn't having it.
Then when we took the bus to his day-care - I slipped and pulled something in my knee and he continued to launch himself into a snow bank.
And not just any snow bank.  But of course - a yellow one.  Yeah - not impressed.  By this point - I'm in tears.
He recognizes I'm stressed out a bit and sobbing and decides he should not move and assumes his famous boulder position.  GREAT.
We eventually make it to the street to cross and half-way across the road he decides now is the perfect time to just not move again.
Bear in mind, I am carrying a heavy backpack with my stuff, his back pack on my back AND his car seat so he can come home via taxi that afternoon.  And my other hand is holding his while attempting to drag him.
The day-care gladly takes him in and calms me down and I'm rushing off to go to school...

Is that a post truck swerving in my direction?
Of course it is.  I jump like a mad woman into a non-yellow snow bank and wait until it passes then promptly dial the husband and begin to BAWL my head off like a kid who didn't get a lollipop from the doctor.

I make it to school and all goes fine.  My phone's nearly dead but that's alright.
I get home, toss my phone on the charger, have a bite to eat and at 3pm promptly go downstairs to wait for the V-Man via taxi.
Thankfully SH is home because my phone was charging and guess what?
The V-Man refused to sit in the taxi buckled up on the home again.

This is the first time that he's refused to sit in a taxi on the way home from day-care.  But this is the 4th time within 2 years (3 being this school year alone!) that he's refused to stay in a taxi.
By "stay in a taxi" - I mean the drivers put the child safety lock on the doors for a reason.  Because he removes the seat belt and slips out of it and proceeds to scream, cry, jump or run in the back seat of the taxi.

I'm not allowed to go with him to or from day-care - so now this is a big problem.
The day-care reached out to the social worker and they'll be switching taxi companies and putting the V-Man in a special kind of taxi that has harnesses in place of regular seat belts.

Because again yesterday morning, I watched him and he ignored the driver, climbed in quite happily but as soon as I put the seat belt on - even putting the chest cross strap behind him - he freaked.
So we're thinking that he was in a taxi (seeing as we don't have a car) and either the driver pinched him by accident while putting the seat belt on (yep even in a snow suit it may be possible) or had to suddenly hit the brakes and the belt would've tightened and that may have terrified him.

So it's safe to say - my 5-year old is terrified of seat belts and cars.
But buses are just fine.

A-Man is done his virus and now V-Man has it.

PS You can read here why my son gets a taxi to and from day-care in Finland.

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