Thursday, 12 March 2015

My Juicing Journal: Day 2

Hey you.
It gets better.

Or maybe it's because I used some Chinese medicine to counteract the diarrhea/detoxing...and maybe it's because I didn't use as much celery as the recipe called for.
Yesterday was oranges, apples and celery.  I also made sure to make a little less.  So I drank about 600-750ml of juice last night instead of nearly a liter and held my breath.  (It was a hideous shade of barf green - but went down smoothly.)
I didn't toot like a crazy lady (like the first night).

But I also didn't sleep in PURE FEAR of crapping myself in my sleep (when the aim should've been a toot...a blast at most...).

I did use the bathroom this morning in a rush before class and hoped and prayed to the detox gods to cut me some slack because I can't afford to miss ANY more school.  (I have a ton of meetings coming up and other stuff that is mandatory for me to go to - so really...I can't miss school!)
The detox gods were kind to me today.  I made sure to not even fluff in the empty aisles of the library...not at the empty bus stop...nope. 
I tested myself before going out the door with the kids.  I had a banana and perhaps that helped because so far so good.
I'm currently snacking on salted mixed nuts and doing alright.

Tonight's juicing menu says 2 apples, 2 oranges and you know...14 FREAKING CARROTS.
And of course it's the "Eye Opener" recipe.
Yeah no frigging kidding...

Not a typo - the site even said so.

I'm going to be swapping those 14 carrots for maybe strawberries instead.  14 strawberries (frozen - I'll take them out to thaw first) is a lot more manageable than 14 carrots.  Sure, I can shove 3-5 at a time into my juicer but I also could use those carrots for meals.

Although, considering the load of my homework - maybe it'd be worth to get ill again....

I found I'm still energetic and not as hungry - but made sure to eat small meals still - and healthier snacks - just so I don't mentally think I'm starving and end up eating something ridiculously un-healthy for me.

Your juicing warrior-in-training,

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