Wednesday, 11 March 2015

My Juicing Journal: Day 1

So I just finished this other blog post and figured I'd keep on trucking since I'm not in class now.

Warning: My experiences may contain "too much info (tmi)" - however...I'll keep writing and you can keep reading if you wish!  
(PS Everyone poops...there's your hint.)
I had lent my juicing machine to a friend and just got it back recently and while I love the idea of losing weight easily and I know a lot of people do this the juicing route - it's not what I had in mind.

For me, I love food - a lot.
But what I loved even more was not having to lug home 4 liters of juice (no car) at a time because my boys are juice slurping monsters and I found most of it too sweet sometimes.
I just love the idea of making my own juice when I want it and knowing what it's really made of and that's that.  Also, it's a lot cheaper for me to make it myself and not that time consuming and the kids love turning the knob or choosing the fruit or veggies to put in the juicer (with supervision of course).

So I lucked out at the second hand store and got a copy of Jason Vale's "The Juice Master" (Book Depository link - not sponsored) at my local second-hand shop and thought this could be handy, not because my first goal is to lose weight but then so I can have a guide or a recipe book handy, instead of having to scour the internet.

My first goal?  Well, I'm back to sitting in a classroom for about 5 hours a day plus lunch break and a coffee break and because my school is located downtown (awesome location for the bus routes and all that) - I'm in a danger zone.  I'm not working out as much as I should be and...
The yarn store is down the hill and with the ice quickly's becoming easier to access.
I've used most of my gift card to purchase yarn for a dyeing course I'm taking soon - but otherwise have gone 2 months without purchasing yarn!!  (Part of my New Year's Resolution...)
Also there are several restaurants nearby and already this week - I had a kebab roll twice for lunch.
Pretty much pizza dough wrapped hot and snug around a lot of kebab meat and some salad, mayo and some sauce.
Last night I was so sick and just felt like a bloated brick wall (I realize they can't bloat but pretend with me...because that's what I felt like!).  I couldn't move, I was stuffed up (bowel speaking here) and felt miserable.
I still have two kids to play with and entertain (Mr. V-Man is away for overnight care currently) and still had to cook supper somehow.
I remembered my juicing machine waiting to be used and couldn't find that book I JUST I scoured the internet quickly and came across this "30-days juicing challenge".
It's free and the grocery lists are included and guess what?  It turns out I had everything available for the first day!
(I tried uploading a photo via USB cable and my phone and it's not detecting anything.  Will try another time or just follow me on Instagram!) So last night I had nearly a liter of juice for supper (not sure of exact amount but almost a liter) and I had a child's sized portion of Singapore vermicelli (as opposed to nearly 2 adult-sized portions and water for my drink).


Have you seen "Bridesmaids" and they all (except one) get food poisoning and are vomiting their guts up?!
Well, I wasn't vomiting but I went to bed alert and happy and very full (without the pain of having eaten too much or having had junk food like Mister Kebab Rolls above) around midnight.
Here's where the TMI part comes in.
Practically right away, I was tooting away and my toots were reeking.  Moreso than normally.
So I figure that, "Great - my juice is busting down Mister Kebab Roll and his twin brother and I'll finally be able to crap and sleep well."
No.  Didn't happen right off the bat.  But there was a lot of gas passing and that was surely a good sign - although my husband did nothing but complain.

I did manage to fall asleep only to wake up at night to realize I need the bathroom - like yesterday.
I ran to the bathroom just in time because:

Yeah that's what I meant by TMI.  (Don't ask me about that huge isn't my friend today!)
So I decided I'm not going to school in the morning in case this happens again and low and behold - I've been counting tiles in my bathroom at least three times today.

I had planned to go buy myself some new jeans (second hand stores weren't so helpful the last few times I checked!) and look at a winter coat for next winter, hoping one would be on sale - but I'm staying at home...and blogging.

I checked with a friend who is a juicing fanatic and she said it sounded familiar for her too but to keep trucking and what my body is doing is "de-toxing".  I just had a case of Norovirus two weeks ago and am still exhausted from my trips to the bathroom...
I think I'll just keep juicing at night.  And perhaps not a full liter.
It was just so tasty - day 1 was celery, apples and carrots - and I drank it out of a huge plastic cup from the movie theater with a straw and next thing I knew - Breaking Bad was over and so was my beverage.
I felt pleasantly full and full of energy (and gas) and managed to do my homework and then y'know...I became a key player in the Game of Thrones (Juicing Edition).

Happy juicing if you dare.

PS Sorry if my text is massive - it shrunk on "normal" size and I think Blogger hates me today.

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