Sunday, 22 March 2015

My Juicing Journal: Days 5-8

I can't say right off the bat that I've lost "a ton of weight" with this juicing business because the point of the 30-Days Juicing Challenge is to just try to make juice everyday and get used to it.  You still eat - there's no fasting and I'm SO freaking cheating when it comes to "eating healthy."
I'm a stress eater - totally.  I don't drink coffee, I don't smoke, I enjoy about a glass of wine a week with friends - that's about it.
Based on a super quick try on jeans with a friend at the shop - I'm having to go UP a size and of course can't find anything that fits or isn't ridonkulously expensive...and do NOT get me started on how much I hate skinny ankle hugging jeans....

What I do love is all the bad stuff!  Chips, greasy food, take out, Pepsi...oh I'm a Pepsi girl 100%.  Coke is acceptable in public when Pepsi is not available.  But never at home.

Anyway, I went on a bit of a rant there...

So I haven't made time to juice and that's totally my fault.  And been busy with school, kids and so on.  But tonight I had a mandarin - so I feel slightly happier!

I'm going to get back on the juicing wagon - as those days 5-8 (well all of them) - I became more aware of what I ate because I juiced and didn't dig into ginormous portions.  I ate reasonable portions, felt relaxed, energetic and not so overly sensitive to every little thing my kids did to make me go nuts.

I found on the days I don't juice - the biggest thing is that I feel exhausted - borderline lethargic!  Sure I'm waking up once or twice in the middle of the night because M-Girl is (done nursing but she still wakes up and needs to pinch my belly chub) and even if she isn't - my body is programmed to wake up at least once or twice in the night (specifically from 3-4am...)...damn you biological clock!

I'm currently on day 5 of not having juiced (yet) and I'm running on very little sleep.

Not sure about you - but I'm a freaking psycho when I don't have sleep.  I really am.  I'm Momster...I'm Wifester (and that doesn't mean "Mom/Wife + Hipster"  it means "Mom/Wife + MONSTER)...generally not pleasant to be around at home.

In public, I'm pretty sane and quiet.  But right now I'm pretty sure my blood is boiling because A-Man decided to throw a complete shit fit and set his sister off and back and forth for about an hour. Of course this happened downtown and while getting to the bus stop and while waiting for the bus and I'm just DONE for today.

Which is probably the only reason I'm going to write what I'm writing next:

I'm going to go down to 1 meal a day and juice the other two.
I'll drink loads of water, loads of juice I have made, the occasional Oatly Chocolate "milk"/drink and eat more fruits and veggies.
Not quite vegetarian - wouldn't say that no.  But breakfast and lunch will become my personal juice fests with some bits of fruit to replace the cravings of naughtier food.

Will I skip bread, rice, potatoes? No.
I'll still consume - a reasonable portion - once a day as part of my supper.

I figure I'm in school from 8am-2pm anyway - so not a lot of exercise happening then and there's not a lot of time for breakfast usually.  Lunch time is 30 minutes so I could bring my juice to class and do some knitting or colouring to de-stress... and then I can sit down to supper with the kids and SH.

I'm sure I'll probably cheat here and there (example: tomorrow - going for Nepalese for dinner with a knitting group to celebrate someone's birthday - well that can be my 1 big meal) - but I'm really kicking Pepsi and Coke away and starting my clean slate now.

I will continue to use the 30-days challenge site as a guideline and for ideas and recipes (still can't find my Jason Vale juicing recipes book...pretty sure the monster under the sofa bed ate it) - but we'll see how this all goes!

Credit: Google Search
May the odds be ever in my family's favour...they're probably going to need it.

PS I bought some new awesome (on sale!) purple jogging sneakers...I need to get on that too.

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