Friday, 13 March 2015

My Juicing Journal: Days 3 + 4 "Friday 13th edition"

Oh Juicing Community:
Forgive me for I have sinned.  I didn't juice last night.
I (and SH) dealt with screams, fights and protests last night until about 9pm.  On top of running around to do several errands, study and so on.
I slept poorly thanks to M-Girl cutting about 4-6 teeth at once (honestly) and woke up running.  Not jogging running - you KNOW what I mean.
I excused myself from school today because of it and am thankful as it was a hell of a day.

No idea it was Friday the 13th until our friends mentioned it at dinner!

1)  My toilet was tired of seeing me after 7 visits...pretty sure I heard it crying.
2)  My dishwasher decided to not work.
3) My kitchen sink was clogged up as all get out- but I fixed that.  Took me a couple hours of un-screwing pipes and scraping crap out of them - but I did it! *flexing my muscles
2.5)  My dishwasher didn't care that the pipes are now quite healthy and clean looking and still refuses to work.
4)  I had boiled sausages last night for today's spaghetti sauce (which I was going the slow cooker route for saving time purposes and flavour!)...forgot to drain the grease.  My sauce ended up super thin and greasy (in my opinion).  But thankfully the sausages are awesome and they pack a lot of flavour  - so that helped.

So this morning I decided if I have 2 glasses of juice (prior to finding out my dishwasher was going on strike) - that'll cover yesterday and today.
I had strawberries, an orange and 2 apples in my juicer and felt energized, calm and not as nervous, compared to when I have celery or loads of carrots in my juice.
I don't feel bad for skipping last night either.  Our juicing machine is rather loud and if the V-Man wakes up - it's the end of the world.  I'd rather he and the whole building sleeps instead. :)

Tomorrow I have a yarn dyeing course but will try and have some juice in the evening afterward (just in case).

Time to go say some bloody Mary's....

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