Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Happy International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day - a day for women, females, girls and even those transgendered or gay (whichever way they feel best) to feel empowered.  Special.  Loved.  Happy.  Proud.
I never took in the importance of IWD until recently - like when I had a daughter two years ago.
I had never celebrated as it wasn't a "big deal" in Canada and based on my personal newsfeed - not a lot of women or men are sharing it as a status or sharing anything about it. Mostly my Finnish friends are!
And seeing as Facebook even made a notification and a status that you can share - I'm a wee bit surprised.

I guess having a daughter has changed my perspective on the importance of IWD.
I tell her everyday that I love her, she's kind and beautiful and most importantly - super smart.
I tell her, as she proudly shows me her large, round tummy - that it's gorgeous.
She's gorgeous as she is - no matter what.

I don't want my daughter (or any child!) to feel they're not good enough because of what social media (or bullies) paints as the "ideal body image" for a man or a woman.  For a teenager or for a child.
Especially those who use their "celebrity status" platform to promote themselves in a negative and inappropriate manner...no names or anything.  But you know - the nude selfies, the public social media banters/fights...just not necessary.
I want my kids to be healthy and active - that doesn't mean they have to be lean and muscular.  That does not mean they have to be anything.
They have to be and should only be themselves.

I want my daughter and any future nieces/goddaughters or granddaughters to know that they are important.  That they matter.
That they should be treated equally and despite the fact that it's 2016 and it's still not quite there yet - hopefully in their time it will be.

I have decided to make IWD important for my daughter in every way that I can. An extra cuddle and kiss. A lunch date if it's on a weekend.
Tonight, due to my school schedule- we had a mini pedicure. I painted her itty bitty toe nails a cute shade of pink. I also got her little hair clips with little fabric stars on the end because they're adorable and she's my super star.
After painting her little toe nails, I pampered her some more with a little foot massage and lotion.
I know I hate when people touch my feet but hey- she loved it and called it "Mommy sauce"...obviously some punctuation work needs to be done. :)
The point of this post is to celebrate all of the women in the world. Whether they're your friend, your teacher, your mother, your great-grandma, your colleague or your enemy.  Whether they're rich, poor, somewhere in the middle, large, small, short or tall!
Women all around the world should be proud of everything you do and everything you are!
It's your day.

For those of you unable to celebrate your womanly day- whether you weren't acknowledged or you just simply can't- that's okay.
You're still a woman. You're still amazing and you can totally keep trucking. Because that's how we roll. (Get it?? :) )

For those that complain/question/wonder, "What about men?"
It's on November 19th.  (And for some reason it's also World Toilet Day the same day too?!)
You should also celebrate and your partner, friends and family should fete you accordingly too!
And now that I know IMD is on that day (thank you Ricky Gervais and Google) - I will be treating my sons just as handsomely. My husband will also benefit with acknowledgement and a nice meal.
But with that- sharing with them why being a (little) man is such a wonderful thing.
That as a (growing) man they can grow up to be magnificent people. They can be kind to others and continuously learn something new everyday.
They can be just as powerful as they can be sensitive and kind hearted.
And that's fine because they too, are beautiful.
They have to be and should only be themselves.

I want my sons and any future nephews/godsons or grandsons to know that they are important. That they matter.
That they should be treated equally and despite the fact that it's 2016 and it's still not quite there yet - there is possibility.  There is hope that both will be on equal platforms and that hopefully, my sons can pass that on - the importance of equality.  The importance of being a man.
The importance of being a woman and to cherish and respect your fellow colleagues - regardless of your gender or sex.

But for now, congratulations women of the world.
Happy International Women's Day.

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