Tuesday, 10 May 2016

My 1st Spinning Class: A Breakdown

I have no experience with spinning classes other than the one time I went to learn how to spin wool. My aunt had laughed at me thinking I meant spinning at a gym.
Hint: I'm not very good at spinning wool...

Well fast forward 12 years and I finally went to one. A proper gym-related spinning class.
I had originally signed up for a sh'bam class today (something to do with dancing) but due to time constraints- knew I wasn't going to make it on time.
A couple of my girlfriends who go to the same gym as I - we'll call them the "Gym Gurus" (it's our group chat name online)- suggested I sign up for spinning.
I was worried because:

  1. I'm not good at riding a bike. Seriously- I suck at it and can't stand and cycle. 
    1. I more or less learned how to bike when I was in my late 20's.
  2. I'm out of shape in the cardio department. 
  3. I don't think spinning is my thing but for the sake of trying- I signed up.

It was a 55-minutes long class.  The only other option in our gym is 45-minutes.

Here's some tips to survive if you're not super fit, not a biking pro and it's your first time too:
I should probably get better sneakers.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that'll be caked in sweat, not too tight but not saggy either - you don't want to be making adjustments all the time!
  • Bring your water bottle full. Maybe bring 2. My bike had 2 places - I know that for next time (if there is one!).
  • Bring a hand towel to dry your face, neck and hands -they're going to sweat. (If you hate under boob sweat- spinning might not be for you.  If you can tolerate it - I envy you.)
  • Bring ear plugs - a guy in the front did- I found the music too loud most of the time and had a headache to begin with. Thankfully the instructor saw me plugging my ears at one point and dude's neon ear plugs and dropped the volume.
  • Don't go if you have a headache. 
  • Comfy sneakers because the pedals have these straps for your feet and I had horrible foot cramps throughout. (See photo).
  • Try to get a bike in the back. I was in the middle row but ahead of my friends and ever so jealous. 
    • Getting a bike in the back row allows for you to:
      •  Hide from the instructor and loud music if you're the type to need a break here and there to drink water or adjust your equipment. 
      • Being in the back also allows your wedgie to ride along freely without fear of your sweaty colleagues seeing (and possibly putting bets on how long before) you pick it...thongs included. 
      • And of course if you ate something disagreeable and making your gas gods throw a fiesta- that's usually (almost) hide-able from the back of the room (aka fart).  Good luck. 
  • Adjust the bike properly to your height and comfort. I found the saddles to be hard as a rock and I found myself waddling after class. Actually I gracefully (as possible) fell off my bike when we were done. Also you need to be able to stand and spin- so get your instructor to give you a hand or your nearest  pre-sweaty neighbour (which was my case). 
  • Go at your speed and at your tension.
  • You won't fall off the bike.  Unless you fly forward and don't have your feet strapped in properly...so if you're a newbie to cycling (and I'm 30) - have faith and just go with the flow and follow your instructor and you'll be excited at being able to stand and cycle! I know I felt a wee bit giddy at not falling over and standing while cycling and shockingly - didn't bang my girly bits into the tip of the saddle seat! HA!
  • Time might go slow and time might fly - try not to stare at the clock too much.
  • **
Now here's the thing about the day after - that nobody tells you about in regards to spinning - other than, "You might hurt a bit".


My feet are still aching, down-south area - specifically under my bottom feels bruised.  I haven't felt like this since delivering V-Man.  This is probably more to do with the seat being harder than a rock. For me it got to the point that standing was more of a relief than sitting!!
I got home and laid down with the kids - I couldn't sit - so lying down was it for me and I promptly puked.
But of course I didn't want to get it on their beds - so I swallowed that chuck back.
I felt nauseous the rest of the night and was so sure I wouldn't make it to class today - but it seemed to subside and the only issue was sitting.
Thankfully I'm in cooking school - so sitting only exists during lunch, coffee break and theory class - which was horrifically painful.
**You might want to add "pain killers" to the list above.**
A comment from a fan of my Facebook page warned me of "soreness and blisters in places I shouldn't" get them.
Lovely - I read that when I was already on a bus and on my way to the gym.  Mild panic - but my Gym Guru girlfriends were waiting and they had done it before and agreed that yes - "no pain no gain" is adequately suitable for losing my tummy flub and wanting to be more fit.

My friend's spouse does this twice a week.  How?!
I'm debating on going again next Monday (providing no headache or period - because that would be uncomfortable too) and seeing if I really like it.  Like honestly do I like it and will the pain lessen as I go more often.
I'm also considering (heavily) to buy a gel pad bike seat cover and just slap that on - because I really don't think I should feel like I gave birth to the world's biggest baby a day or two after spinning.
Never mind the vomit part - which Hubster started worrying!  Mostly because I have a pretty strong stomach for things, I didn't eat a massive portion of food before hand and I didn't have the tension too hard in my opinion.  But I also wasn't drenched in sweat like others - and I guess I can credit the leg work outs that I do manage to squeeze in...?

So - is spinning for me?  Maybe!  I can't say I hate it - although my first words to the girls were, "NEVER AGAIN" as I gracefully semi-fell off my bike to do cool-down stretches...
I definitely found I had a clear head because I just kept staring at the clock and with the blaring music and cheerful instructor - I couldn't think about anything else.

Is spinning for you?  Maybe!  I would try a shorter time frame than 55-minutes for a first time.  I thought my gym had a 30-minutes spinning class but apparently not.

Good luck you spinning warrior!

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