Friday, 2 December 2016

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Yeah I had no idea what a BuJo was until today.
BuJo is short for "Bullet Journal".

Tonight I went to have dinner at my friend's place and I noticed the pile of post-its alongside her fridge had dropped from a colourful neon rainbow down to 2. 
2 Post-its and a notebook nearby.  I didn't inquire about it mostly because my head was starting to throb thanks to our kids having a blast (aka screaming and running and banging everything loud together possible).

So I looked it up after she asked me if I heard of "a bullet journal".

The first thing my friend did was show me hers - I didn't read it in detail as I think of a journal as a very personal object.  That and it was probably written in Finnish.
Anyway, the next thing is that she warned me, "Dominique - don't look it up on Pinterest."

So, naturally,  I had to look it up on Pinterest!
Then I started saving/pinning and saving/pinning and saving/pinning some more ideas onto my own board for Bullet Journalling.

So, it was easy for me to find a notebook that was 99.99% blank.
The only thing I'm using from the original BJ (oh that's why they call it "BuJo"...ha!) is the INDEX and the FUTURE LOG.
I have no intention of using this journal as an agenda/daily planner because I have one.  I buy one by Sandra Boyton every year and love it.
I don't trust myself to sync stuff to my phone and never mind the fact that my ability to make sure the dates and times are correct have failed miserably on multiple accounts!

I'm an obsessed "list-maker" person.
I'm also one of those people that can't shut their brains off.  I'm constantly thinking of something - whether it be typical "Mom-life" related things or it's completely random and useless/stupid junk - my brain just doesn't shut off.
Every night, I find myself usually falling asleep with the lights on and mid (texting) conversation with a friend and my mind going 100 km/miles (your choice) a minute.  It's why I've been trying to go to the gym at night when the kids are asleep - it exhausts me more and in the gym - I am focused.
During the day time - I'm usually in class but at the same time, if it's slow enough - I am able to get a lot of thinking and planning done.

So this journal method of having an index and my lists of random things - will help me focus on 1 thing at a time - even if temporarily.
I won't do my grocery lists or bills to pay - every day things in the book - no.

I also won't be writing long sad crappy posts about feeling super bad etc.  I've found that I tend to buy a new journal because I love stationary and a new pen to go with it - and after a couple posts - I never go back to it.
I've found myself angry and hurt all over again - and maintaining a journal didn't continue to be fun once I purchased a new notebook and pen.

Some ideas of what I have in my book (I'll be sure to do a future post once the pages look not so bare!):

  • Birthdays of my nearest and dearest!
  • My Happy List
  • I want to learn...
  • Self-Care (Mind Body Soul)
  • A-Z About Me (This will be funny to see how it changes every year or every time I create a new journal)
  • 2016 Memories
  • 2017 New Year Resolutions
  • 2017 New Year Resolution Recipes! (Then I can blog about them here!)
  • Books read in 2017
  • My bucket list
  • Daily/weekly/monthly
  • Positive shit the kids did
  • OMFG Shit the kids did
  • Movies watched in 2017
  • Craft Projects in 2017
  • Quotes
  • Becoming the BEST version of myself
I'm still working on this list to fill in my journal.  
However, I'm thrilled with the start of it.

The way this Bu Jo is working for me - reminds me quickly of those "mindfulness books/journals" I've seen in the magazine section of the grocery stores.
The kind of notebooks where everything is printed out for you and you just need to fill in the blanks or jot down your ideas.
What I like about this - is that it's tailored to what I want, how I want it and I will try my hardest to not spaz out over every tiny screw up as I scribble in it.  Especially since I prefer writing in pen!
I also love that these topics that I've listed - are things that I am truly interested in writing about and I can always add to something later on - as long as I've marked it for myself in the index.

I am trying to make this journal as positive as possible - because being a busy mom of 3 and a student - life can get hectic.  I do crash and burn occasionally and I'm hoping that this will help to prevent it.

I love that there isn't (as of yet) an app for Bullet Journalling because with pen and paper - I have to focus and it gives my eyes a break.  It gives me a chance to be creative - although, I assure you - my pages won't be nearly as fancy-pants as some of the amazing artwork I'm seeing on Pinterest!

I just simply don't have the time to make my pages super fancy! :D

I applaud those that are creative and those that carry a journal!

Let me know if you jump on the BuJo Junkies train! ;)

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