Thursday, 25 December 2014

A Hole, Flying Blueberry Pie...It Must Be Christmas

By A Hole - I mean - a single hole.  Not an a-hole.

Now that I have that out of the way - my day was pretty jam packed and I like it that way.  I do well under pressure.
Last night I decided I'd prepare the vegetables at least because we were going to have a total of 6 adults, 5 children (2 that don't eat as many as the rest) and I truly agree with my mother on one major thing:  "Guests should never feel hungry when they leave your home."

So I dragged in the carrots from the balcony last night to only discover that they were frozen.  Crap.
I didn't know what to do and I don't know if you ever tried to peel a frozen carrot before - but it's not easy.  And the poor carrot had such a holey appearance - I felt awful!  They looked awful!
Yes, they look like mush going through your digestive system and out the back door - but it'd be nice if they looked like carrots before being chewed up...
I discussed on Facebook with friends and Google searched my heart out on what to do with thawed out carrots (I had ran them under hot water) and a friend suggested tossing them back in the freezer and if I can't peel them again (no I couldn't because they were chopped up already!) then pop them into the slow cooker.  Alright - simple enough.
While the children were asleep - I opted to set up the foot-tall fake Christmas tree and all the presents on the sofa in a corner and then went to bed.
I hadn't even wrapped all the gifts for the guests...go me.

This morning I woke up at 6:30am and decided I'll just sleep a bit more and then noticed it was almost 9am.
Our guests were aiming for 3pm...NOTHING else was ready.

Here's my menu and why I started to freak:
  • Roasted boneless lamb meat
  • Turkey breast (which I last minute opted to flatten then roll and fill with stuffing)
  • Italian sausage and apple stuffing
  • Slow cooked ginger carrots
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Roasted turnips
  • Buttermilk tea biscuits
  • Blueberry pie
  • Apple pie
This wasn't even including the stuff our friends were bringing!!
  • Waldorf salad (an apple salad - don't put a lot of's so much better without that extra dallop apparently)
  • Green bean and bacon salad
  • Grandma's brownies (might be GREAT Grandma's)
  • A picnic ham - just in case.
  • Ice-cream
  • Glöggi
The meat was thawed, so while the hubby made breakfast - I pulled out sausages from the freezer.
I then began to peel and chop up turnips, onion, dried bread (I left out 12 slices overnight) for stuffing, apples (2kg) and potatoes (8kg).
I tossed the frozen blueberries and a cup of sugar into a pot to sit on the stove until I was ready.
I boiled sausages, loaded dishes, un-loaded dishes, made pie dough, made tea biscuits, prepared the meat, mixed up the stuffing...made pies....debated on a dish of fudge and said nah...

3:30pm - SH is showering and opened the bathroom mirror cupboard and I hear a clunk and an "Oh shit."
Yeah - we had a crack in the bathroom sink for awhile because his glass deodorant bottle had made a crack - which has spread...and well, the plastic disinfectant fell from the top shelf and hit the crack just so.  Boom - a chunk of the sink is gone.
I e-mail my landlord in a frenzy and rush to the bathroom, plop down on the toilet to pee and have clothes in the bathroom to shower - and guess what?


Our guests have shower.  My kitchen looks like there was a Pokémon tournament happened in there...oh no.
But the meats were in the oven with the turnip and 1 pie was baked and cooling.

Well, the lovely ladies helped me speed clean that thankful.
Then my friend K turned and fffffffftttt - the blueberry pie went flying.

BUT! It landed face up!  Some blueberry streaks on the floor but we wiped those out after. 

Otherwise, a fantastic dinner and I'll post the sausage stuffing recipe tonight or tomorrow! 

Time to get 2/3 kids to bed...
Hope your holidays were as awesome as they could possibly be!

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