Thursday, 18 December 2014

Zzzz - Oh What IS That?

Zzzz - the typical symbol of snoring...of sleep...of peace and quiet.

Something we haven't had in at least a month - at least when the V-Man is home. 
Remember my nasty doctor appointment from awhile ago?
Well, today - right before I crashed for a nap - a nurse from the overnight care called me and asked if we had seen the doctor and what her suggestions were for V-Man to sleep better at night.  Because apparently he hasn't slept a wink at overnight care these past few days! (4 hours a night...ouch.)
Oh dear...
So I told her my quick-version of the story above (in the link) and she quickly translated to the doctor that was present.  Well, it turns out this doctor is a specialized doctor.  One that actually specializes in treatment of children WITH autism and mental retardation.
She asked why I wasn't prescribed Melatonin - I explained as kindly (but as bluntly) as possible that the district doctor felt that it wasn't necessary and that pain meds would solve everything. 
Well, it didn't work. 

So I'm going today to pick up the A-Man and a new prescription of melatonin - which is in pill form and somehow we have to shove that down V-Man's throat with water an hour before bedtime.  It doesn't come in liquid form unfortunately she said - so we'll try anything to get a solid 6-8 hours of sleep...10 from him would be awesome.
I'll update as we try it out - she wants to try it for 2 weeks to see if it makes a difference and if it works - she said to keep using it.

I apologize I haven't been a frequent blogger here!  I'm swamped with a week to Christmas - loads of knitting to do and card-sending...and cleaning - I don't even want to talk about the mess my home is in currently. 
And to top it all off - little M-Girl is now my little pet cheetah  as she's caked in chicken pox but seems to be quite cheery about it all.  (No - you can't adopt her...she balances the boys out rather nicely!)

But I'll be writing up a post soon regarding my new year's resolutions.  Which I desperately need.
I'm sure I'll also be updating my Instagram on the regular as well!
Did you notice my advent calendar posts/photos on Instagram?!  My lovely and talented knitting group created me an advent calendar in a pretty shoe box and every night before bed - I treat myself with opening up a match box to see what goody I have!  It's been so amazing and exciting as I have never had one before!
I'm contemplating MAKING one for my kids next year...yeah long shot but I have a bit over 12 months to do it - right?


PS Thankfully I was able to buy chewable melatonin!  Let's see how it goes!

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  1. Glad you finally had a real doctor look at him! Hope the melatonin helps - it's just a sleep hormone, hopefully it normalizes his sleeping cycle!