Friday, 26 December 2014

New Year Resolutions

I guess, like anyone else, I have NY Resolutions that I try to stick to longer than two weeks.
Also, if I write them down and publicly - surely it helps me be responsible.

It's something I start thinking and planning around November, when I should be writing out Christmas cards and knitting/crocheting/sewing.
  1. Don't buy ANY yarn this year.  Originally this was supposed to be "Don't buy yarn I don't need"...I do  have a gift card that needs to be used by the end of June.  That's my only exception - and I just might use it for needles or hooks instead.  Not sure.  Anyways, that's all I'll allow myself to buy.  Or if I absolutely need it to finish a project...but I really do have too much yarn in storage...and in my the closet...everywhere.
    1. Minor exception: I can buy yarn for others as gifts.
  2. Don't shop as much for anything.  It'd be nice to see the savings account go up instead of down...right?
  3. Eat healthier.  While I might not go to the gym (not worth the money if I can't guarantee the time alone), I do try and hike, take the kids out and walk the dogs etc.
  4. Try at least 1 new recipe a week.  - This is the same resolution I had last year with great results.  The reason for this is because I was so tired of having the same meals on the same days, week after week.  We were able to try new things and I was able to better budget and plan meals better - and the new dishes added new flavour and variety! :)
    1. This also forces SH and my kids to try new things too...they are the pickier eaters.
  5. Be a calmer parent.  Easier said than done.
  6. Blog & craft more.  I didn't do enough this past year - based on the number of WIP (work in progress) I have laying about...Sure I have knitting meetings every week - but I am usually spending that time entertaining A-Man and helping him use the bathroom it seems.  I also read recently that knitting an hour a day is very calming and good for your health and so on...
  7. Be better organized/Clean more.   I usually remember all the appointments and birthdays and so on.  But this past Christmas I was terrible at getting cards out on time...or ordering photos.  At this point, with the kids screeching - I'm probably going to have to skip it.  Sorry folks.
I try to make them realistic.
We'll see how this goes.

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