Thursday, 18 December 2014

My Escape Artist & Ass Fudge

Like the title of this post?
It's not to catch your attention - it's the shortest way to describe this morning.

Today is the last day of day-care/school for most kids.  This means that V-Man has 1 day left of day-care and then he can sleep in and hopefully allow us to sleep in too for the next two and a half weeks or so.
Last night he ended up waking up after 2 hours and crashed on the sofa - after his first dose of melatonin.  He slept most of the night and crawled onto our new sofa with hubby and stayed quiet for most of the night!  We have to try it for 2 weeks straight and hopefully his body accepts it - but last night was a huge step!
I, of course, was up by 3am, in preparation for being woken by screams, yells and light bulbs...but it didn't happen!

Anyway, this morning - he didn't want to go to day-care.  This has been normal for the past month.  It's gotten darker and colder outside - so of course it's nice to just stay in bed ALL day.  I agree!
But it's against his schedule system!  So this morning we wrestled him into his clothing - screams and all - and I ran downstairs with him, his backpack, his booster seat and a plate holding some prettily wrapped up fudge for the teachers.
*Cue insta-scream.

There was no way he would stay seated.  I finally got the seat belt clicked in and we closed the door and as always, I waited to see him drive away safely.
The driver didn't even close his door.  Taxi drivers here are super polite and open the door for you and help to put your groceries in the trunk if needed.  They also open the door for you if you're un-able to - once you arrive to your destination!  I just open the door myself usually and plop the booster seat and V-Man in myself.  
V-Man opted for yanking hard at his seat belt and standing up in his booster seat and screaming.
The driver looked at me and I sighed.  I apologized for wasting his time and I'll take him by bus.

We ran upstairs so I could grab my bus card and coat and we had less than 5 minutes to get up a huge hill with my arms full of stuff and holding his hand - and we made it.  Mostly because the bus was 7 minutes late.  Huzzah!
This also meant that we missed our connecting bus downtown and had to wait 20 minutes.
I refused to let him see my phone or watch Youtube because I consider that to be a real treat - and by this point - I'm exhausted and he just keeps wanting to drag me to the shops and McDonald's.  Tough - they're not open at 8am.

24 minutes later - we're boarding the second bus with him screaming and trying to assume his boulder position - refusing to lift a foot onto the bus.
I haul him onto the bus and as I'm re-arranging my arms full of stuff so I can press my wallet on the electronic panel reader thing - he's off.
Yeah - he's running to the back door and about to jump off the damn bus like James Bond.

Thankfully it's a 7 minutes long bus ride.  He screamed for 6 and then tossed his hat at me, I bend down to pick it up (he's standing) and THEN decides to sit beside me and onto the plate of prettily wrapped fudge.

We get off the bus and cross the street - we have a 2 minutes-long walk to his day-care.  1 minute if he co-operates!
Then he opts for the boulder position.  Absolutely will not budge - as I'm clasping his hand and leaning at a 45-degree angle trying to get him to move.  Also - I don't want to drop that fudge!
Nope - not happening.  Eventually - we get there and the teachers sense my nerves are splitting in half by the handful.  They're excited about the fudge and I got a lift close to home from the speech therapist.
I don't mean to brag - but the V-Man and I raised a fuckton of autism awareness this morning.


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