Sunday, 21 September 2014

My Jogging Journal: Day 8 - "One of THOSE days"

If you're hoping for a blog about sunshine and rainbows everyday, I'm sorry - this isn't it.
Occasionally, I'll have super awesome days  like yesterday, when V-Man discovered he can put stuff in the basket at the grocery store and I'll more than likely approve of it and it gets to come home with us.
Then again, there may be "one of those days" like today - when my whole world is currently tossed upside down and inside out (can always be worse, I know!) and I un-leash the Momster in me.

It all started last night!  A-Man ran a mega hot fever but after two doses of pain reliever, he was calm again but still sluggish and then poor kiddo barfed all over his clean pajamas.
Then this morning, SH woke up looking more like Sick Hubby instead of Super Hubby...we thought at first it was just gas but's aches and pains all over and lacking the ability to help me around the household.
What is it with men - at least the ones I know - that can't lift a finger when they're ill?!  That's a whole other b*tchfest for another time...

Anyway, I decided to do my family a favour and take V-Man out with the dogs for the big morning walk.  He was great going to the hills but decided playing with stones in the parking lot was much more fun.
We left after 15 minutes...

Then I decided I would take V-Man out and visiting Toivolon Vanha Piha downtown because they had a huge medieval event going on this weekend.  So I messaged a friend of mine and we met up and then we left after 15 minutes...

Seeing as we weren't downtown for very long and I was trying to cut hubby a break - I tried to stretch my afternoon with the V-Man as long as I possibly could.
So friend and I went to McDonald's with him and that was fine and dandy.
Then we went to the grocery store (and parted ways with my friend J) and he was eager to walk around and proudly put a box of crackers into my basket and tried for some Asian cooking sauce nearby but we put that back.
Still - we've been gone less than 2 hours and I'm hoping by that point that SH was able to put at least M-Girl down for a nap...A-Man seemed content to lounge and watch movies without much dancing about we must continue!

Well, we hopped on a bus to the large second-hand store and I'd love to say the 5-minutes wait at the bus stop went by quickly but it didn't.
It was a constant fight to keep his shoes and socks on...they're velcro - easier for everyone that way - and he knows how to dig into his heels to kick them off.  He thinks it's HILARIOUS.
I don't.  Especially when there's blobs of spit underneath him, cigarette butts galore...and it's downtown - just gross to be walking around in soft-feet!
Oh and he jumped on my backpack and exploded a bag of salad mix...
Finally the bus came and when we got to the second-hand store, my goal was bigger sneakers for him and possibly some hoodies - since he enjoys wearing a puffy vest outside.  We lost one shoe within 4 minutes (or 1 aisle) of walking around.  This wouldn't be a big deal if we weren't in a second-hand store...because:

A) His shoe is used and getting a bit worn out - so it blends in with the store.
B) People tend to nudge things on the floor to the side or kinder ones place them on tables/racks.
C) It's a dark coloured sneaker.

I zipped back around and we found the missing one, along with a new to him pair but no hoodies and while he didn't have any melt-downs, I nearly did.
Why?  Because he thinks it's fantastic to shove his hands down my shirt.  It wasn't even low-cut.  He just thinks it's a grand game of sorts.
So I zipped up my fleece coat and trekked on pushing him.  Well, he tried to pull my zipper down and stuff his hands down...and that annoyed me SO much.
When he finally semi-gave up - he opted for yanking stuff off tables and racks...
At this point, I decided we're going back to the grocery store so I can load up on peanut M&Ms and possibly some Ben & Jerry's ice-cream.  Yes, it's ridiculously expensive in Finland - but still cheaper than therapy.

When we left for the bus this time, we had a 20-minutes wait at the bus stop and I'm so glad we were the only ones in that little glass shack because it was a constant fight with him.

Here's what he tried to put into his mouth:
  • Cigarette butts
  • Rocks (big and small)
  • bottle caps (plastic)
  • dirty band-aid/plaster strip  
I'm all for exposing my kids to germs and dirt here and there.
But those were past my limit and of course I didn't have baby wipes with me...or diapers...and he reeked...
And it was just non-stop fishing crap out of his mouth, putting his shoes back on and hoping nobody heard me yelling at him to stop doing the above things (putting stuff in his mouth and removing his shoes and trying to run away into the major road full of traffic non-stop)....and to stop running his hands up my thighs.

When we got home, I didn't care that I was waking up M-Girl and I whisper-yelled how mad I was and marched him straight into the bathroom to scrub his hands.
SH wisely stayed out of the Momster's reach...

So I honestly hope I don't write many of these "Momster-style" blog posts often...but when I do -forgive me.  It's a way for me to vent and hopefully be able to read back on these and laugh later on.
*Currently not laughing...still steaming and a bit sore from him dragging me downwards and me pinching my back ...*

I'll try and focus on a more positive post for next time.
BIMU - roar.

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