Wednesday, 8 April 2015

30 Days Done

So I wrote here, here, here, here, got super lazy and finally remembered to write here and it finally brings me to now.

I finished my 30 days juicing challenge today and am proud of myself.
I didn't fast - because the main point was to just try to make juice everyday.
There were also days I didn't juice and therefor felt like crap without.

It's something I'm going to continue and because I'm not noticing a huge weight loss - about 2-3kg give or take - I'm going to keep going and keep my portions of regular food as healthy as possible, minimum cheating and small.

What I did notice?

  • Better use of the bathroom - my body is doing its thing regularly and I'm no longer going 2-3 days without having used the bathroom (the oh so mighty "#2").
  • More energy and alert - I don't drink coffee or tea often - so for me, this is a nice alternative.  (Caffeine from coffee gives me headaches I've learned!)
  • Drinking more water and eating better.  I had McDonald's once (maybe twice) this whole time, didn't eat out as much and cut the kebab out too.  And if I did eat out, especially with my kids - I didn't consume my whole portion and shared a lot of it.
    • Seeing as I used to eat out every weekend when taking the kids out to do errands - this is a huge step up for me!
  • Bought more vegetables and fruit and experimented a lot more with combinations!
  • I actually look forward to juicing.
So, I'll keep juicing once a day and try to push for twice a day - especially in class (the wait for the microwaves is annoying)...we'll see how this goes! :)

Time to go to the post office!
Take care,

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