Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Let's Chat Apps: Photo Grid

I couldn't figure out how people were posting on their Instagram accounts all these cool collages and adding stickers or text and it made sense to me instead of posting individual photos of the same thing but in different positions/angles.

So I did a search in the App Store and looked up "photo collage" and came across this gem, "Photo Grid".

Why I like it:
  • Simple to use
  • I can do a grid-style collage or a pin-board
  • There's a wide variety of background options as well
  • Free but there's some updates available for purchase but I haven't explored those (yet).
Checking out an Easter Market at Toivolon Vanha Piha!

A photo of pizza made with the delicious Craig Beckley's sausages and biltong!

Walks with my dog and his rolling about.

Soap making.

Doing some occupational therapy with V-Man!

Took him to Hop Lop to run about one day.
Made some juice with M-Girl!
I guess the point of these collages is to showcase several photos (perhaps about the same topic or location or even the same item) but in various angles in 1 photo.
Anyway until next time!

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