Sunday, 19 April 2015

Let's Chat Apps: Whatsapp

If you have internet on your phone or at least Wi-Fi - I definitely recommend downloading Whatsapp!
Whatsapp allows you to send instant messages, photos, videos and even call them (haven't tried this but a friend said it works) - no matter where they live or what phone they use.
*Nokia, Apple, Windows, Blackberry and Android friendly and with each other

It's free for the first year and after that it's 99 US cents a year. 0 ads - another perk!
I use it to keep in touch with my friends abroad and even with the friends in Finland too!

I prefer this over Facebook Messenger, which I think is silly having to have that feature for the Facebook app, so I got rid of that and just use Facebook on the internet (on a proper computer) or on the browser on my phone for the sake of reading and responding to messages.

The only problem I have is adding people (non Finnish phone numbers) to my Whatsapp list.  There's usually + signs involved and extra 0 and 1 - just a mess.
So I usually try and get my friends to add me instead if I can't get them in my phone contacts list.

SH doesn't want internet usage on his phone - so I recommended he got an iPhone so we can have the iMessage feature and have free texting whenever and wherever in the world.
He travels about 2-3 times a year abroad - so this would be a lot more budget friendly if he didn't want to use internet abroad.  Or if he doesn't have internet where he is - which has happened several times! :)

Anyway I'm watching Jim Gaffigan's "Mr. Universe" on Netflix! :) 

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