Wednesday, 22 April 2015

I Should've Married a Plumber

So good news everyone - my bathroom sink has been replaced with a beautiful identical twin - all shiny and new.
And when I asked the 3 (yeah they sent me 3 young/my age plumbers!) guys if they could tweak my toilet so it stops leaking every time we flush it - they told me they've sent a request in and someone should be in either the same day or the following day.

Alright, looks like I'm stuck at home again waiting for a plumber.
I got a phone call around 10 am and the guy told me wrong number and hung up...after asking me something in Finnish.  He wasn't a telemarketer I don't think - because most love practicing their English - but it wasn't him.
That and my number is private so I shouldn't be getting any telemarketers calling me anyway!

My stomach's been cramping on and off all day (and yesterday too - darn you kebab!) so of course the door bell would ring either:

A) When I'm stuck in the bathroom - home alone.
B) Even worse.

I didn't think there was a possibility for an "even worse" but apparently there is.

B) was my body decided to have the stinkiest mess ever and less than 5 minutes after I get out - the door bell rings.

I rush to the door and am eternally grateful that I have dogs and shout to the repair man that I need to put the dogs away one moment.
I then rush to do just that and check the toilet for you know - any trails (MEN you're not the only one - us ladies have this too!) and did a double flush and scrub.
I let the guy in and when I show him the bathroom I am nearly knocked out by my own stench.

How embarrassing.  But I pretend as if it's the smell of roses floating in the air and hold my breath and go to another room to let him do his job.  He also does a great poker face.
Meanwhile I madly tap out a message to my BF in Canada about this horrific ordeal and she just laughed and my other Facebook friends said thankfully he's probably used to these kinds of smells :).

Note to self - hold it.  Just hold it.  Or become a plumber...

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  1. I loved this blog post! You have written what all us women already know but can't say - so, thank you! Oh I also wish I was married to a plumber, but the good news is that I have been lucky enough to have found a fantastic plumber who can help with any household plumbing emergencies, including blocked toilets!