Friday, 3 April 2015

My Bus Friend

I love finishing classes before 2 pm because it gives me just enough time to rush to the store and take a leisurely (KID-FREE) but quick shopping trip for groceries.
Of course this isn't everyday necessarily but today, being the eve of a holiday, means that I should try and get to the grocery store super early before everyone finishes work and school.

I took the bus and had the company of a local semi-sober drunk sit with me a stop after I got on.
I hoped that he wouldn't talk to me - but he was in the mood to practice his English.
I say "semi-sober drunk" because he did reek of booze and was in need of a shower but he was coherent, able to understand me and asked some nice questions.

"Hey...where are you from?"
"Canada?  Oh Canada.  I am from Jyväskylä.  This place (points around).  This is my town."
"Yes it's lovely."
"No.  Finland is shit."
"Oh? I don't think so."
"Is Canada better than Finland?"
"No, I really like Finland.  I like Finland more than Canada actually."
I then go on about how I lost some school mates due to drugs, war, violence and so on - and find Finland much safer.
"I understand.  Do you know the president of Finland?  He's an asshole."
"Oh well, I didn't know that...."

Of course the whole bus can hear our conversation - because they are interested in the fact that he's speaking 

"I like 'Billy the Kid' - have you seen it?"
"It's my favourite movie."
"That's nice."
"Want to know my name?  Hello, I'm James Bond.  My name is James Bond."

I chuckled and said it was nice to meet him and we wished each other Happy Easter and he got off the bus.

This was one of the most satisfying conversations in a long time - with anyone - friend or stranger.


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